What are the Highly Paid Nursing Jobs in the Health Sector?

If you have worked as a nurse for a long time, you know, there are many fields for you to pursue. The advantage of choosing a nursing career is that every area has specialization in its way.

These specializations unlock many opportunities for you to explore. Here we will introduce you to the highest-paid nursing jobs and help you decide on your next career move:

1. The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

This nursing specialty is the most lucrative in its field. As a CRNA, you will administer and manage anesthesia in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. Schools will provide you with the best training to help different anesthetics types and provide pain management after surgery.

You will also monitor a patient’s vital functions while you administer the anesthesia. Some patients may need your help while coming out of anesthesia and, in rare cases, with side effects.

The intricacy of your work makes you susceptible to making a median annual wage of about $174,000. The more you reach for executive positions, the higher your income is expected to be.

2. Nurse Researcher

Nurse researchers are scientists who study the various aspects of health and illness. They use their scientific findings to improve healthcare services and find the outcomes. As a researcher, you will need to research questions, design and conduct studies, and analyze your data reports.

You may need to rely on grants and funds to advance your work. You may teach in an academic or clinical setting and draft articles and research reports for nursing and other medical journals.

You may partner with other pharmacy, nutrition, and engineering scientists to address complex questions and problems. You may begin your research career as a research assistant, clinical data coordinator, or research monitor. From there, you may find your department.

Your job may get you an annual income of $95,000. If this career path entices you, you can enroll in an online dnp program. And after completing your degree, begin your research work.

3. Psychiatric Nurse

As a psychiatric nurse, you will work with children, adults, and teens of all ages. You will work with various conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and substance abuse.

The knowledge and skills you harness make you suitable for working with these patients to help reshape communities. You must have strong communication abilities and be flexible in trying to understand your patients.

You may work in a hospital or have your private clinic. You may need to refer a patient to a hospital or a senior psychiatric doctor in extreme cases. As a psychiatric nurse, you will earn about $106,277.

4. Certified Nurse Midwife

A certified nurse-midwife specializes in a woman’s reproductive health and childbirth. In addition to attending births, you perform many annual exams and give the appropriate counseling to patients.

You may also be responsible for monitoring fetal health and giving necessary prescriptions accordingly. You will extend your skills and services towards training programs and prepare a new batch of recruits for midwifery.

As a certified midwife, you will earn about $102,766 if you apply for more senior positions and advance your education by pursuing higher degrees. Your salary will rise even higher.

5. Pediatric Nurse

As a pediatric nurse, you will provide preventative and acute care to children and adolescents. As a nurse, you will be answerable for performing all physical exams such as testing injuries and illnesses to complete the appropriate diagnosis.

You will be responsible for educating and supporting a patient’s family and guiding them on providing better care for their children.

You may also work in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), where you may work with other pediatricians and health care providers. You may earn $77,000, which will go higher the more you advance in your career.

So far, you have learned about the different types of nurse practitioners and salaries. However, there are more.

6. Orthopedic Nurse

As an orthopedic nurse, you focus on musculoskeletal diseases and disorders. These include conditions such as arthritis, bone fractures, broken bones, and joint replacements.

Orthopedic conditions generally require surgery, and you will assist physicians while preparing for procedures and their post-operative recovery.

Orthopedic nurses work in different hospital units and offices. You even asked to work in outpatient care clinics. Your shift will depend on your employment facility and may occur in the morning or night. As an orthopedic nurse, you may earn around $76,282.

However, the location of your hospital and your range of responsibilities may push your salary higher.

7. Nurse Practitioner

As a nurse practitioner, your responsibilities will depend on the area of specialization and the state your practice. As a nurse practitioner, you are responsible for administering primary, acute, and specialty healthcare services to a diverse population.

You will have the authority to diagnose and perform physical evaluations and use statistics to guide your patients on a recurrence chance.

You will need to continue your studies to stay in touch with technological advancements and methods related to your field.

Your responsibilities include not just treating patients but being influential mentors and counselors. As a nurse practitioner, you will earn an average salary of $110,300.

  1. Geriatric Nurse

As a senior nurse, you will focus on developing and implementing treatment plans for chronic illnesses. You will treat elderly patients for diabetes, hypertension, and respiratory disorders, among the many problems they face.

You will work in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and community health centers where patients are cared for properly.

As a senior nurse, you will assist physicians while they perform exams and procedures. You will sometimes need to carry out exams in the patient’s house. You will establish health goals and patient care plans.

Finally, you will be responsible for training family members on the patient’s conditions and health. As a professional, you will earn about $97,000.

Wrap Up

Nursing has become a highly technical field. With so many career paths to select from, you allow yourself to learn and expand your horizons. There are many fields for you to choose from, each coupled with an attractive salary and competitive working hours.

As a certified registered nurse anesthetist, you will work in administering anesthesia to patients. You may work as a nurse researcher, pediatric, orthopedic, and geriatric nurse and care for patients. With so many careers to explore, find your calling today!

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