What Are the Many Benefits of Yoga?

There are many great things to come out of India and Tibet, and none is more beneficial than yoga, the ancient art that incorporates the body, mind, and soul with a series of exercises that are designed to develop you holistically.

The primary focus is to take control of the conscious mind and meditation plays an important role within the art of yoga, while also working for all the major muscle groups yoga goes back thousands of years in Eastern culture, this discipline was discovered by Western societies in the 1960s, although in 1851, an Englishman wrote a book about the core principles of yoga.

There are many benefits attributed to the practice of yoga, which include the following.

  • Tone up your body – The exercises are designed to work specific muscles and having to hold a pose for an extended period is very demanding. Of course, the beginner would start with a few basic poses; first, you need suitable clothing, a mat, and yoga bolsters, which offer essential support. Check out a few YouTube videos that introduce you to the ancient art of yoga and once you have gained a basic understanding of what yoga involves, shop online and you’re ready to start.
  • Physical fluidity – Those who practice yoga have improved fluidity when they move, which is due to the balanced poses that work all joints; people who suffer from inflammation of the joints are perfect candidates for yoga. Many athletes practice yoga regularly, as this ensures all muscle groups are worked and some report a spike in performance, which might be the fruits of meditation. We all know that an active body is a healthy one and 15-20 minutes every afternoon is all it takes to keep in shape.
  • Meditation – This has been a game-changer for many Western people and we couldn’t recommend enough that you should seek out your inner-self and learn to be in tune with your thoughts. Meditation can be practiced in many ways; standing, and walking, although most people prefer the traditional cross-legged sitting position with a straight back. Some prefer to lie down in a comfortable setting; focusing on your breathing, in and out, in and out, noticing the timing and regularity of the inhalation and exhalation. It is a mistake to think that meditation is to have zero thoughts in your mind, this is an impossible task, and the mind will wander; meditation is the art of getting the full attention of the mind and holding it. When used in conjunction with physical poses and exercises, a connection with the spiritual side occurs.
  • Stress relief – Every instructor will tell you that stress dissolves when you practice yoga; whatever our problems, stretching and holding position a great stress relievers. Many people report a much calmer disposition and a boost in energy levels, while the stress they are experiencing disappears as quickly as it arrives. If you would like to learn more about the history and benefits of yoga, the Internet is a great source of information. The current pandemic is causing many people to experience stress; loss of income, multiple lockdowns and constantly wearing a mask; yoga is the ideal solution to rid yourself of stress. CBD oil is touted as a great stress reliever; order a bottle online and follow the directions, which should see a positive effect.
  • Weight loss – If you are a little overweight, watch the pounds fall off when you start with a few basic yoga poses. The desire to lose weight is as good a reason as any to take up this unique eastern discipline and there are online yoga classes, which means you don’t even have to leave your home. Of course, once you have lost weight, you will continue to practice yoga and will realize the many benefits that come with this mysterious practice that was developed in India a few thousand years ago.
  • Improved focus – People find they can focus for longer periods after being introduced to yoga, which enables a person to apply 100% of their attention to the job at hand. This is likely because you have gained a level of self-control and can therefore order your attention to be given to a task.

There are online stores that sell everything you’ll need, including special clothing that allows the skin to breathe, and whether you plan to practice at a yoga studio or your home, you will enjoy all of the above benefits as you explore the long road to pure happiness.

We all know how important mental health & well-being and yoga is one way to stay calm and focus on the positives. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, or so the saying goes; almost everyone who takes up yoga will make it a part of their everyday life, as the benefits become clear.

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