What are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

Seat belts, airbags, and other safety devices have greatly reduced the incidence of death and serious injury in traffic crashes. Unfortunately, fatalities and injuries continue to occur on the roads and highways of New Jersey and elsewhere in the country. These are the more common types of vehicular accidents and the injuries they cause:

Rear-Impact Collisions

In these accidents, one vehicle has often halted for a stop sign or traffic signal and is struck from behind by a motorist who is distracted or is simply going too fast. The occupants of the front vehicle will be thrown in a backward direction, often causing whiplash-type injuries.

Their condition will depend upon their seated position and the effectiveness of their headrests, but they may still suffer from neck, back, and even spinal injuries. Additionally, the occupants of the front vehicle may be thrown against other objects, including the steering wheel, the dashboard, and, for those seated in the rear, the front seats.

Airbags are designed to prevent injuries, but their sudden inflation in a rear-end crash can also cause propellant burns. Other factors determining the type of injury inflicted in such mishaps include a person’s size and weight. A New Jersey car accident lawyer can provide legal assistance to the victims of rear-end traffic crashes.

T-Bone Crashes

These side-impact crashes can be particularly harmful to the occupants of vehicles that are struck by motorists who run lights or enter roads without exerting the necessary caution. In high-speed crashes, the occupants of the vehicle struck may suffer internal organ damage and even brain trauma.

The occupants on the opposite side of the impact area may escape serious injury, but they can still suffer harm from flying debris and may even be tossed out of their vehicles. The victims of broadside crashes may need the type of legal help that is available from a New Jersey car accident lawyer.

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Psychological Harm

Those involved in serious traffic accidents may suffer both physical and psychological injuries. In terms of their mental health, victims and their families may have trouble sleeping or may experience long-term anxiety or depression. The psychological trauma that results from an accident is no less real to the victims than broken bones or other physical injuries, and may also require treatment.

Such issues should also be recognized by legal representatives and insurance providers during the accident settlement process. A New Jersey car accident lawyer can help victims obtain the assistance they need to care for both physical and psychological problems inflicted by a traffic crash.

Other Types of Accidents and Injuries

Traffic accidents are individual events that can stem from one or a combination of factors and have different consequences. No matter the underlying cause, however, the circumstances of an accident and the nature of the resulting injuries are not always related. Drivers have in some cases been able to walk away from serious wrecks.

On the other hand, a minor accident can have serious consequences for at least some of those involved. This is why it is important for the victims of accidents to seek medical attention if they experience any serious health symptoms. The victims of serious accidents should also consider seeking the services of a personal injury attorney.

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