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What Car Parts and Tools Do You Need To Replace a Headlight Bulb?

Replacing a headlight bulb is a great DIY maintenance project for experienced and first-time repair projects. Find out what car parts and tools it takes to remove a burned-out bulb and replace it with the latest replacement bulbs. Don’t let this task frighten you, but use this online resource to prepare for an easy repair project in just a few hours.

Can You Change a Headlight Yourself?

It doesn’t take a professional mechanic to change a headlight. Shop for the right headlights and pick up the tools you need. Use these instructions to remove and replace your bulb. Here are the tools and parts you’ll need before you begin:

  • Two replacement headlight bulbs
  • Screwdriver or ratchet, depending on your vehicle
  • Goggles
  • Safety gloves

Find a safe, well-lit area to park your vehicle. You’ll be working under the hood of your vehicle, so it’s best to prepare with safety goggles, gloves, and work clothing.

Even if only one bulb isn’t working properly, it’s best to replace both bulbs. That prevents you from needing to perform this maintenance task shortly when the other bulb is damaged.

Check the type of headlight bulbs you need. Bulbs are designed to be vehicle-specific, so check with your local auto parts professional or shop online to verify you’re purchasing the correct bulb. Headlight bulbs come in three basic options: halogen, HID, and LED. Halogen bulbs are the most affordable but also provide the least throw distance and lifetime. HID headlights are a mid-grade option, and LED bulbs offer the longest lifetime.

Open the hood of your vehicle and inspect the back cover of your headlight assembly. As long as the headlight cover isn’t damaged, you won’t need any components other than the replacement bulbs and a few hand tools. Some vehicles use a few screws to hold the headlight back cover in place, while others use a few bolts.

Use the correct tool to remove the cover and access your headlight bulb. If you’re having difficulties reaching the screw or bolt, you may need to remove your battery or another component that’s in the way.

Use care to either screw or turn the headlight bulb before removing it. Some pull straight out, while others require a half-turn or quarter-turn. Once you remove the bulb, take care to only touch the new bulb with a gloved hand or clean cloth. Your bare skin can damage the surface of a headlight bulb.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Headlight Bulb On My Car?

Enjoy an affordable maintenance project by replacing your own headlight bulbs. Most headlight replacement projects cost more in labor than the bulb itself. This means you can save half or more of the cost of a replacement project by picking up your own bulb and following this guide.

Learn more tips and tricks on how to change a headlight by checking out a reliable online resource center. While you’re there, check out prices on replacement bulbs and read specifications to ensure you select the best bulbs for your vehicle and driving style.


Replacing a headlight bulb can be easier than you think and with the right car parts and tools, it’s an achievable task for all. With a few simple steps and the items listed in this article, you can successfully replace your headlight bulb and get back on the road safely. So what are you waiting for? Gather up the parts, locate your vehicle’s headlight assembly, and switch out your burned-out bulbs with newfound confidence!

After replacement of your headlight bulb don’t forget to properly dispose of any used bulbs. Now that your car is all set, what type of hotel do you want? Let us know in the comments below. Safe driving is always important and keeping headlights bright is one way to enhance visibility while travelling at night. With this information in hand, you are now prepared to keep yourself safe while hitting the back roads or cruising down highways.

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