What Causes Back Pain And How To Fight It

Back pain is a really common problem and 80% of people will experience some level of back pain throughout the course of their lives. That is an enormous proportion of people and there are various reasons why you might experience periodic back pain and also why many people suffer from long-term chronic back pain. Even though so many people suffer every day from back pain, far too many of them do not know the right steps to take to help relieve the symptoms and deal with the underlying causes. To help all the people out there who are looking for a solution, this article will explain what causes back pain and how to fight it.


1. Disc Degeneration

One of the most common causes of back pain is degeneration of the discs in our lower backs. These discs cushion our vertebral bones but over time our discs start to wear down. The wearing down of discs can be very painful as the little nerve fibers in and around the discs become irritated. Disc degeneration occurs naturally due to age and the continuous stress on the discs caused by gravity, as well as the normal degeneration of the cartilage and ligaments that our discs are made from. Depending on the underlying cause of excessive disc degeneration, there are various solutions such as physiotherapy, medications, or even surgery if the problem has gone too far.


2. Back Problems Due To Lifestyle

Problems with discs as well as other structures in your back can be negatively affected by your lifestyle. The experts at Balance Core explain that our backs can be negatively affected by sports and other activities that place excessive strain on our spines or which incorporate high impact movements. On the other hand, not being active enough can also lead to increased back problems, and obesity and inactivity, as well as unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking, can further accelerate disc and spine degenerations. Making appropriate lifestyle changes can help to slow down disc degeneration as well as taking up yoga or other exercises to strengthen the back and increase back flexibility.


3. Joint Complications

As well as problems with discs, problems commonly occur with other structures in the back of the spine and one common cause of back pain is complications with the joints. There are multiple joints called facet joints on either side of the low back that correspond with each of our discs. These facet joints can be a significant source of pain as they degenerate and wear out the cartilage in between them. As well as the facet joints, SI joints which are big joints that connect the pelvis to the sacrum can also be a source of restriction, inflammation, and pain in the lower back. Lower back pain is something that people can deal with for many years before they have to seek treatment.


4. Scoliosis 


Scoliosis is an extremely painful and debilitating condition in which your spine curves significantly to one side. Scoliosis can affect both men and women of all ages though it is more common in women. In the majority of cases of scoliosis, there is no identifiable underlying cause for the condition however it is a symptom of osteoporosis and cerebral palsy. Minor to moderate scoliosis can be treated with exercises like yoga or with physiotherapy, but as with many back conditions, the results are more successful when measures are taken early. If you have any of the signs of scoliosis like a curved spine or uneven shoulder blades, you should consult a medical expert immediately.


5. Spinal Or Vertebral Fractures

Fractures to your spine or vertebrae can be very very serious and as well as significant pain can lead to significant loss of motion and mobility, paralysis or various limbs and body parts, and even permanent disability or death. Especially after an incident like a car accident or a bad fall, if you are experiencing bad pain or loss of feeling in your limbs, you should call an ambulance immediately. It is really important not to move yourself or anyone else who has potentially broken their back because you could make the injury much worse and cause significant long-term damage.


Back pain is a really common problem but it can be so debilitating and can seriously affect people’s quality of life. Whilst the degeneration of our back structures occurs naturally to some extent, making the right lifestyle choices and being mindful of our sports and activities can help to slow down the process. Anyone who is experiencing back pain should not leave it too late to go and see their doctor because there are far more options in the early stages of a disk and joint degeneration than there are once the issue has progressed too far.

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