What Causes Digital Pressure Regulators to Fail?

Today, pressure regulators are found in a large number of equipment and systems around us. They reduce high pressure and maintain a constant pressure even when there are fluctuations in the inlet pressure.

They are suitable for various domestic and industrial systems like regulating the oxygen in ventilators, regulating propane in gas grills, and regulating fuel in vehicles. The main function of these regulators is to control the pressure accurately.

Here we have provided some common reasons for pressure regulators failures:


Over time, debris starts sticking to the walls of the valves and starts creating a blockage. These blockages restrict the flow of the fluid from the digital pressure regulator and do not let it maintain the required pressure.

Resultantly the pneumatic pressure regulator electronic fails to deliver the expected results. In this case, you should get the assistance of a plumber or a professional because a professional can easily disassemble the regulator and clean it to prevent blockage.

Using a lime and calcium remover one can easily get rid of all the debris or sticking material that is blocking the passage of the fluid.   

Damaged Internal Components

Digital pressure regulators come in a variety of sizes and types to perform different tasks. With the passage of time, these regulators become old and start malfunctioning or start failing to deliver the desired pressure due to various reasons. One of the major reasons is the failure of an internal component. 

They are widely used in the manufacturing industries where they have to bear high pressure and temperature and atmospheric changes. These factors affect the external body and the internal components of the regulators.

The hits of these factors damage the internal parts of the electric air pressure regulators which becomes the reason for failure. The only solution to this problem is the replacement of the pressure regulator. 

Incorrect Pressure Setting

One of the most often reasons for failure is the incorrect pressure setting. Nowadays, many people face this problem after installing the regulator in their system and they think that the digital pressure regulator is failed.

But it’s not true, because sometimes when a user purchases the pressure regulator and doesn’t know how to set the correct pressure.

Resultantly electronic pressure regulators fail to provide the desired pressure to the system and the user can’t get the expected output from the device.

So whenever you install the pressure regulator in an equipment or system, then get the help of a professional for doing the right pressure settings. 

High Temperature

Each Pressure regulator has its own specifications and limitations. All of them have various temperature limits. When they are installed in large furnaces and in industrial units then they often have to bear extreme conditions.

A rise in the temperature affects on the low flow electronic pressure regulator, and bearing high temperatures for a long time becomes the reason for regulator failure.  

Final Words

If your digital pressure regulator is not providing accurate pressure as per the set value, then it means something is wrong. You should check it and get the assistance of a professional to resolve the issue.

Above we have listed some most common causes of pressure regulator failure. 

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