What Causes Hair Loss In Women?

Are you losing chunks of hair with every brush stroke? It is time to figure out why does hair fall out and what is causing the hair loss! It is not possible to find a solution if you don’t know what the problem is right?

But before getting to the causes, know one thing you are not alone! Hair fall is a common issue that happens to everyone, both men and women alike. The only difference lies in the patterning and there is no reason for you to be embarrassed at all. Women tend to lose hair from the sides or the crown of the head whereas for a man it begins from his temples.

Before we get into the causes, there are a few major myths about hair loss in woman that are very prevalent. Allow us to dispel them first.

Why Does Hair Fall? Myths Regarding Hair Fall/Loss

Myth 1:

There is something genetically wrong with you.

Let’s us make this very clear. Having hair loss doesn’t indicate that there is something wrong within your two ‘X’ chromosomes. You are still completely woman and you need to keep believing in that.

Myth 2:

Washing your hair too often

The next time some gives this to you as a reason please feel free to laugh at them. Hair wash when done unnecessarily can cause dryness and brittleness but it certainly isn’t the cause for the extensive hair loss you are experiencing.

Myth 3:


No brushing doesn’t make you bald. It will make your hair frizzy if you brush too much but you won’t go bald. That is a given. But it Is definitely not going to rip the hair of your head so calm down about that.

Myth 4:

Coloring and hair treatments

We all like to have some fun with our hairstyles. So we color and perm and straighten as when we want. Keep at it. It is not going cause you to develop extreme hair loss you’re already prone to it.

Myth 5:

Shaving your head

Shave your head if you please. But if you’re expecting your hair to be thicker when it grows, you will be disappointed.

Explaining the reasons for hair fall will need us to take a small detour into the different stages of hair growth. So bear with us for just a little bit more please.

Stages in Hair Growth

Hair growth is a bit of a stages thing too. Just like any other biological thing, so no surprises there. The growth cycle alternates between two stages, the anagen and the telogen

Stage 1: Anagen

This is the phase when the hair grows out from the follicles and the shaft is constantly constructed for the length to increase. This phase lasts about 3 years in most people. So the it is obviously also dubbed as the growth phase.

Stage 2: Telogen

This is the second and last phase i.e. the resting phase where in the hair stops growing and is just there till the new hair growing out of the same follicle doesn’t push it out. And therefore the name, the resting phase

It is a part of the cycle where about 15 to 20% of your hair is always in resting but due to certain factors sometime a major chunk of your hair that shouldn’t be resting also jumps to the resting phase and this is what results in hair loss or hair fall.

As we have already mentioned before, hair loss happens to both men and woman alike. They only difference lies in the pattern. So let’s now move on to the patterns and the causes for hair fall and loss in women. Yes, we are finally here!

Why Do Hair Fall Happens? Patterns

Pattern 1: Telogen Effluvium

If you’re a woman and you have experiencing sudden loss of hair on your scalp and all over the body, then you have the very common telogen effluvium.

This is a condition that is generally induced by stress and the it doesn’t occur immediately after the trigger. But when it does, a huge number of your hair strands suddenly dive into the telogen phase and you see thinning of hair all over the scalp.

Pattern 2: Androgenic alopecia

This is a pattern that is affected by the hormonal levels in the body. This is caused by an enzyme DHT that is released by the androgen in both men and women. This leads to the thinning of the hair follicles over a period of time and generally happens with age. The thinning pattern however is different in women. They don’t show a receding hair line but overall thinning over the scalp but mostly over the top and sides.

Hair fall reasons:

Hair loss reasons are a plenty but here are some of the most referred ones.

  • Medication:  When you still recovering from a major surgery or pregnancy, you might lose large chunks of hair every day for about 2 months after. This can be due to the fact that you are not responding well to a certain kind of medication.
  • Stress: This is a factor that really works a number on all of us! The more the stress, the shorter the time our hair stays with us.
  • Medical conditions:  In some cases, illness can also be causing hair fall like some auto immune diseases or maybe even thyroid. Both hypo and hyper thyroid problems can cause severe hair fall.
  • Nutritional deficiency Healthy body results in pretty hair! We all know that. So if you haven’t been eating right, then how can you expect your hair to get the nutrition it need to be beautiful. Deficiency of certain vital nutrients likes vitamins, zinc, iron and protein can cause genuine harm to your hair. So watch your diet.
  • Fungal Scalp infections: Sometimes, fungal infections on the scalp can cause the hair to become brittle and fall out. This another least expected reason for hair fall.
  • Over treating you hair: Nothing goes unnoticed and If you have been over treating your hair, you will see the signs. Don’t overdo straightening and styling!
  • Menopause: The drop in the estrogen levels leads to a number of changes in the human body, women are bound to lose hair at this stage
  • Child birth: All that emotional crazy over the hormones also results in a great deal of hair loss at this stage.

Have you figured out what might be the reason for your hair fall now?

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