What Cool Sports Betting Affiliate Programs from 1xBet You Can Use

The essence of the affiliate program is that the office shares a part of the income from the attracted players with an individual or legal entity that promotes 1xBet products. Cooperation is based on the classic Revenue Share system. The bookmaker pays from 15 to 25% of the profit generated for the company by attracted bettors. In theory, the partner’s earnings due to cool sports betting affiliate programs from 1xBet are not limited by anything but depends only on the number of attracted players and the quality of traffic.

For the first three months, and increased commission is set for new partners at the level of 20% with a further revision upward or downward depending on the success of the work.

Of course, you can invite friends and acquaintances to register using your link, but in order to gain many referrals, it is better to advertise your links on sites with sports topics. If your pages have a rather large audience, some visitors will not pass by your ad. When you do not have your own website it is worth looking at advertising exchanges, they often offer such services.

By attracting new players, an ordinary person is able to make money on the activities of these betters. This is a great bonus in increasing your profits. Not every office can boast of such a program as the 1xbet affiliate program. Many players build their own business in this way in bookmaker companies.


Affiliate Program Benefits

The 1xBet Partners affiliate network is very democratic in terms of conditions. The entry threshold is below average. This means that not only large portals but also small sites of various topics can advertise bookmaker services. All that is required for cool sports betting affiliate programs from 1xBet is high-quality content, no markups, and targeted loyal traffic.

In addition, the following benefits can be included:

  • modern software (the presence in the partner’s personal account of many reports, charts, other analytical tools for assessing the success of advertising campaigns).
  • variety of promotional materials.
  • every week payments.
  • adequate support service.

The website of the affiliate program has a section ┬źNews┬╗, where not only messages regarding changes in the rules and conditions of the program are published, but also educational and reference content for publishers is added in large numbers.

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