What Defines a Good Pilates Instructor?

Pilates is a complex practice that combines physical and mental being. It has shown evidence of improving balance, flexibility, strength, and even posture (bet you sat up at that haha).

The unique aspect of Pilates comes from the variety of movements an instructor can show each person. By doing so, they create unique workouts based on personal needs and abilities.

As such, if you’re looking for a good pilates instructor in Hammersmith, or anywhere else, it is important to consider what makes a ‘good’ Pilates instructor.

I think it’s these four things; experience, knowledge, appreciation, and passion. Let’s dive in deeper!

1. Experience

Firstly, any good Pilates instructor should have a high qualification. Apart from having experience working with various people, they should also have experience with all ages, abilities, and shapes.

Continuous improvement and education are also indicative of a good Pilates instructor as it shows tenacity and ensure that the instructor always has the latest information.

As a client, you should feel comfortable and safe in each session and progress at a level that’s appropriate for you. Thus, a good instructor should be friendly and encouraging to everyone.

2. Knowledge

Pilates is much deeper than it seems at a glance. Being able to remember the exercises is not enough to effectively teach other people. As such, a good Pilates instructor should know about the history and goals of this discipline.

While you can appreciate the past, this exercise method is more about understanding how the body works and why specific exercises work better than others depending on the situation.

A good Pilates instructor will adapt that knowledge to individual needs and help people reach their goals.

3. Appreciation

The saying goes ‘different strokes for different folks’, which is valid for every aspect of life, including Pilates.

Every person is unique and therefore, will learn things differently. A good Pilates instructor will understand that and adapt to you; help you understand and achieve your goals by actively changing their approach to you based on what you need.

Some people do well with a pat on the back; others would like additional feedback, and others still might require a lot of support from their instructors to guide their bodies into the correct positions.

Whatever the case, your Pilates instructor should be respectful of that and not abuse their power or make you feel uncomfortable. It is the time that you and your instructor put into each session that will make all the difference.

4. Passion

Last but not least, a great Pilates instructor will have passion for their practice! The knowledge of this practice is good, but an undeniable love for Pilates will make them even better.

Being passionate about this practice will allow them to be a good listener and make everyone feel comfortable in the space. The attention to detail and their care will ensure an enjoyable atmosphere that will be safe and beneficial for you.

Final Words

I hope you will learn to recognize these qualities in your Pilates instructor and appreciate the hard work they put into teaching you this complex discipline. If you do identify these characteristics in your Pilates instructor, do not let them go!

Hammersmith, Westminster, or anywhere else, they can be hard to find.

It’s your responsibility to put in as much hard work and effort as your instructor because that’s the only way you will get the full extent of benefits from Pilates.

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