What Do College Difficulties Teach Us?

There is a whole new level of debate regarding the effectiveness of going to college for students. What do you learn? Is it even worth the experience? Well, when it comes to learning, college experiences do not just teach you the things that are in the books. They also teach you some life lessons that will stick with you for a lifetime. So, you are going to college or are already there, so what personal challenges will you meet that can teach you? Here is a list of problems college students face and what they can learn from the challenges in college.

Learning should be fun

In high school, education is not as demanding as it is in college. Well, in college most of the professors are quite dull. There are also some that make their classes so much fun that you do not notice when their classes come to an end. Even so, there is a larger volume of study materials to cover each semester than there were in high school. You definitely cannot cram everything as you would have. This studying challenge helps you find ways to make your studies more fun and exciting.

With time you learn that it is okay to be nerdy and to have passion for what you are studying without being ashamed of it. After all, you are in college to build your life and no one else’s. Do not feel ashamed for spending your Friday nights preparing for the tests or the exams or watching documentaries related to your course instead of going to that party.

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When in college, you are mainly on your own. Your parents will try to send you some spending money, but in most cases, despite their efforts, you will never have enough money for everything. You have to find ways to make more money and budget what you have so that it is enough to cover all your needs. You therefore sometimes have to forgo drinks with friends so that you have enough money for food the entire week. You learn to scrimp and save. As you realize that the budget is tight, you learn to forgo the things that take up money and are not essential. This is a skill that helps you as you join the workforce and move ahead in your career.


When a student goes to college, they have to leave home. Independence also comes at a cost. The first college student problems come in the form of transition issues. When they get homesick, they begin to wonder, did they make the right choice? How can they be sure that they are not making the wrong decisions? Can they think about changing their major when things get tough? Who will remind them to do their homework? You also have to make the right decision when choosing the best UK essay writing service.

The best part about joining the colleges is that independence will teach you how to make good friends. You realize that friendships are not just about having common interests. Most times, the best of friends are those that are there when you need them the most. One also learns to be dependent on friends and how to be good friends to others. Learners also learn that they cannot use the “I’m not good with names” excuse. It is important to remember people’s names, so they know they matter to you, and they can be able to help when needed.


Be kind to your body, and it serves you longer. In universities, it is easy to get carried away by the late-night parties and the drugs that are readily available in colleges. These are the problems in life. However, learners need to find ways to eat better, take care of their bodies, and make sure that they do not gorge at the dining hall or binge drink. Hit the gym, moisturize the skin and eat healthily. This doesn’t mean people should not eat those cake slices. They should not be the main meal. Enjoy your time, and make the right decisions.

Also, it is critical that one takes off all their make up before they go to bed. It helps them keep away the raccoon eyes and the terrible break out a week later. Even if money is an issue, try as much as possible to use quality makeup that will enhance beauty and keep your skin healthy. More water less alcohol, coffee, and juice. It is surprising how it will reflect on the mind, body, and health.

Graduation from college


When students perform excellently in their education, they quickly feel like addressing the nation in a press conference and telling everyone how well they are doing. However, they need to keep in mind that the people who care about their performance are maybe their parents, grandparents, and sometimes their best friends. No one else cares. Therefore minimize the Facebook statuses not everyone needs to know.

On that note, do not brag about things that are obvious to everyone. Even if you look great in an outfit, let people tell you about it but do not be the one who talks about it. Do not be the person who makes people feel less than adequate because their achievements are not as significant as yours. Stay humble.


It is easy for you to feel that because you have made it on your own you can do whatever you want and talk any way you like. However, remember that manners will be crucial for your future life. So hold the elevator door, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’  You also need to have compassion for the homeless and needy. You do not have to give them your entire paycheck but think about how much those few bucks will change their lives.

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