What Do I Do with My Wedding Ring After Divorce?

Most divorcees wish to get rid of marriage-related items once their relationships are officially over. This makes it easier for recently divorced to let their past go and move on to a better life. Out of all the relevant belongings, it may be the most difficult to decide what to do with a wedding ring after divorce.

If you are in a similar situation and wonder what is the best way to dispose of the symbols of your marriage and eternal love, check out the top popular ideas to come up with the best suitable one for you.

1. Return to Your Ex

You cannot make any decisions about your wedding ring if you have no right to it. First, review your Washington state divorce papers, prenuptial, or postnuptial agreement to define whether the ring is your personal or mutual belonging. You may have to sell and divide the profit or return it to your ex.

There is a chance you may have the wish to give a ring back to the former spouse with your own desire especially if the ring is a family relic or means much to your ex.

2. Repurpose

The most popular choice to get wedding rings after divorce to use is to repurpose them. You can separate stones from metal details and cooperate with a designer and any relevant specialist to turn them into another piece of jewelry. Whether you want a bracelet, anklet, necklace, or more, you will get your wedding ring exploited with benefits and pleasure. Visit  Puravida Bracelets for unique bracelets

3. Sell

The easiest way to deal with your wedding ring is to sell it. You can visit an online auction, a jewelry store, or any other marketplace suitable for your needs. Then you can buy the desired item or invest the money from the ring in self-care. Mind that usually you will get much less than the initial price of your wedding ring if you decide to sell it.

4. Organize a Ceremony

If your friends want to help you with what should you do with your wedding rings, you can ask them to assist you with a farewell ceremony. It can be any elaborate way to dispose of the wedding ring. Bury it in a little coffin. Flush it down a river or waterfall. Throw it away from the rock or in the ocean. If it helps you get over a divorce and feel ready for a better future, don’t regret the ring but embody the preferred plan.

5. Donate

Many charity organizations collect money and other valuable items, including Engagement and Wedding Rings. So, if you don’t want to wear your ring but want to do a good deed, get your wedding jewelry melted and exchanged for money for charity. You will lose nothing, but kids somewhere in Africa will have food to eat or schools to go to.

6. Pass to Your Children

If your children want your wedding ring for their own marriage, grant it without remorse. Even if you associate it with disappointment, the ring may mean more pleasant things to your kids they remember from the times you were a happy family. So, turn your circle into a family relic by passing it to your children if they ask you to.

7. Wear

There is nothing bad in wearing a wedding ring after a divorce. In fact, it has numerous benefits. For example, it can keep your marriage termination private and avoid unnecessary stares and chats from your neighbor and co-workers. Or you can postpone your dating availability if you are not ready for it yet pretending that you are still in a marital relationship. You can also move the ring to a different finger or hand and use it as simple jewelry without defining any status.

8. Hide

If you know that you are in the mood for impulsive actions you will regret later or you haven’t decided yet, don’t do anything with your wedding ring. No one hurries you with any decisions. You can pack it in the ring box and store the jewelry in a safe place at home or bank. So that you can turn to it later when you are ready for some specific and sensible actions.


As soon as you finish with your marriage termination, you may wish to turn your wedding ring into a divorce ring. You can put it to use by selling or donating the jewelry, or saying farewells to your past by organizing a special ceremony with your ring. The ideas are numerous. Discover more and decide what is more suitable and comfortable for your situation so that you can leave your failed relationships behind and move on easier.

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