What Earring Style Fits You Best

For many people, earrings present the most favorite piece of jewelry since they are just a great way to make your appearance stylish and classy. For that reason, you should know how to choose the best earring style that will match best your face shape, hairstyle, and overall looking. Here is what you should know about choosing earrings, and ear piercing studio, in case you still haven’t pierced your ears.

Earring Style According to Face Shape

Choosing earrings that will look most flattering on you is not only based on the style, gems, materials, and size, but also on your face shape. We will present a couple of basic shapes in the following text that can be a great orienteer while you choose earrings that will look the best on you. Here is how should you match your face shape and earrings style, which will help you to follow the latest jewelry trends for 2021, and always look stylish and spotless.

Round Face Shape

If the widest part of your face is the cheeks, with no taper on the chin, it means you have a round face shape. In order to balance the round face shape, the best option for you is to choose longer, dangling earrings, which will lengthen the line of your face. All elongated versions, teardrops, or chains with a pearl and gems at the end, will be the best choice for you. The earring style you should definitely avoid when you have a round face is round forms that echo the face shape, and additionally, emphasize it.

Narrow Face Shape

A narrow face shape is maybe the most symmetrical of all since the jaw, forehead, and cheeks are all of the same widths. For this face shape, the best match is rounded forms that will make your face look fuller. Long or short dangles, studs, pearls or gems clusters, or any button style earrings will be the best option for long and narrow faces. Just make sure they have some round element in it, and you can be sure your choice is the right one.

Square Face Shape

When it comes to earring choice, the square face shape might be the most demanding one. Since the square face shape is equally long as it is wide, you should be especially careful when it comes to wide earrings because they can make your face looks wider. Instead of wide, square, and diamond shapes, you better choose rounder forms containing the pearls in them, hoop earrings, and dangling circular shapes. This way only the best parts of your face will be highlighted.

Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape is the perfect one, so if you’re lucky to have it, you are more than lucky! Oval face shape usually means that every earring style will look good on it. So, whether you want to wear long dangling earrings that have an oval shape or teardrop style, or you would rather go for button-style earrings, you can be sure everything will suit your face shape perfectly.

Hearth Face Shape

Hearth face shape is characterized by a narrow chin and wide forehead, so the best way to make this face shape pop out is by choosing curving earring forms, with rich ornates. If you want to point out your chin better, then going for long dangled teardrops jeweled with diamonds, gems, or pearls will be the best possible option for this face shape.

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond face shape usually highlights the cheekbones, which are the widest part of the face, while the forehead and chin are quite narrower. Similar to hearth-shaped faces, go for more circular, ornate forms when it comes to earrings. However, be careful with diamond forms because they will emphasize the widest part of your face instead of harmonizing it. Another form to avoid is button-style earrings. Since the diamond face shape is the most complicated one when it comes to the choice of earrings, make sure to get an idea of what would suit best the diamond face shape before you go shopping.

Things You Should Know Before You Choose Ear Piercing 

The first thing you should know is that the ear-piercing actually doesn’t hurt. This is because your ear lobes aren’t so susceptible to pain, so when it comes to the pain scale, the ear-piercing takes a second or third position. However, the case is quite different with cartilage, which would hurt a little bit more because there is barely any fatty tissue there.

However, the most important part of ear piercing is to do the research and find a reputable and professional medical ear piercing place that insists on sterile, and highly hygienic piercing methods. Google and typing in the phrase “ear piercing near me” can be of tremendous help to find those who can provide you with safe products and methods to avoid any potential infections. You should especially be cautious in case you have some allergies to specific materials and inspect if the ear piercing studio can provide you with hypoallergenic piercing earrings made of plastic or titanium. 

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