What Everyone Should Know About Organic Proteins

Proteins play essential roles in our bodies. They repair worn-out tissues, build body muscles, and produce useful hormones and enzymes. Broadly, proteins can either be organic or synthetic. Both categories are good, although the natural proteins are more popular, and they are healthier.

Most people prefer organic proteins since they contain zero synthetic compounds, such as growth hormones used in animals or artificial fertilizers used in plants. They also have fewer side effects when compared to synthetic proteins.  Here is everything that you need to know about organic proteins.

What are Organic Proteins?

Proteins come from either plants or animals. The animal proteins are said to be organic if the animals are fed with natural feed without the use of growth hormones and chemicals. The people have specified the types of organic animal whey proteins. All types are free from artificial sugars, colors, and flavors.

They, however, have slight differences, meaning that users can select the best for their needs. Plant proteins, on the other hand, are termed organic if they are produced without the use of pesticides, growth fertilizers, ionizing radiation, sewage sludge, or any other synthetic chemicals and contaminants.

Benefits of Organic Proteins

Here are the main advantages of organic proteins:

They have fewer side effects

The products are purely natural. There are rules for regulating the way the plant produce is brought up to ensure that they are free from chemicals, well-watered, and taken care of to qualify raw materials for processing organic products.

The animals, on the other hand, are also tested to identify any growth hormones and antibiotics injected. The natural proteins are, therefore, safe and have fewer incidences of allergies and other adverse effects compared to their counterparts containing synthetic compounds.

They facilitate weight loss

Proteins, especially organic plant proteins, are rich in fiber, which generally takes longer to digest compared to carbohydrates. This makes you feel full for several hours, thus limiting your appetite. Additionally, organic proteins also increase the generation of heat in the body. The body burns fat deposits during such a process, thus reducing weight

They are excellent sources of iron

Red meat ranks among the top sources of iron in the international diet. Pea protein, on the other hand, is a rich source of iron for vegetarians. Its protein powder may contain more than 35% of the iron in a single serving.

What to Look for When Buying Organic Proteins

The surge in demand for organic proteins has led to the emergence of various products, which can be misleading. The best natural protein should have:

Organic label

The idea is to ensure that the product has no pesticides, herbicides, or any other synthetic chemicals. All the ingredients should be natural. The manufacturer should also be reliable and have excellent customer relations. Go products with USDA certification.

High-quality source

If you prefer organic plant proteins, ensure that your product maintains the right balance of individual amino acid constituents. For instance, you can bulk pea, hemp, and rice. Animal proteins, on the other side, should come from the best sources such as whey protein, which can give amino acid and leucine efficiently.

Low sugar

Some high sugar types such as erythritol can cause bloat or gas in the stomach. It is, therefore, essential to examine the list of ingredients to ensure that the sugar comes from low sugars such as stevia or sugar cane. You, however, don’t have to confirm the elements if your product is USDA certified.

Organic Protein low sugar

How to Take Organic Protein

Organic proteins come in many forms. The commonly used type is the protein powder. You can include protein powder in your diet through the following ways:

  • Take it as a post-workout drink- you can mix protein powder with coconut water, milk, or chilled water and shake it well to form a high-protein drink for gulping after the workout. 
  •   Take it as a smoothie-you can start your day with a blend of meat powder with almond milk. You can also use protein powder to achieve banana, cherry, and chocolate smoothies.
  • Take it with oatmeal- the combination of grain and protein powder gives you what it takes to have a high-protein meal. This combination works well for weight loss programs since oats are high-fiber diets and take longer to be digested. They make you feel full hence reducing your eating frequency. This helps in cutting down your weight.
  • Taking it as a beverage-you can add the protein powder to your cup of hot or chilled coffee and enjoy your beverage.

As you can see, organic proteins are highly beneficial. They can help to build muscle mass and cut down weight when taken in the right amount. They are good sources of iron. As a precaution against counterfeit products, ensure that you check the USDA label for certification. Also, get a prescription from your doctor to get the recommended dosage.

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