What Features Should I Look For In A New Pair Of Shoulder Pads?

Shoulder pads are one of the essential parts of protection on players. They are designed to withstand and absorb the force which comes to your chest and shoulder during the game or practice on the field. Some brands have advanced their technology in making the shoulder pads more protective and comfortable.  They have made phenomenal progress and modifying shell designs, new padding, and improvised to produce more comfort, performance, and protection. This helps you take your game to the next level and improves your output. If you are concerned and serious about your protection and comfort then the following are the modern-day advanced shoulder pads.


TPU Cushioning:

This advanced-level un-destructive and innovative padding system is used in the most modern football helmets. It has been modified and reinvented to be used in high-end shoulder pads. It has been integrated into the shoulder, chest, and back. The TPU or Thermoplastic Urethane never compresses, breaks down, bread mold, or mildew and even holds heat like the normal foam-based padding, click here to know more. This material is advanced and lasts longer, protects better, and faces more force than any other padding system.


Flat Pad:

Found in many sorts and brands of shoulder pads, Flat Pads are low-profile, high-productivity pads that work to retain the most extreme measure of effect power, utilizing the littlest measure of room. These low-mass pads join shut and open-cell froth, to spread the power of the hit over the biggest measure of zone conceivable, to ensure you while likewise keeping you spry and portable on the field, and decreasing helmet obstruction.


Quilted Brock Beads Padding:

Lightweight knitted layers of padding, created by Schutt, filled with minuscule air-filled cushioned beads. A huge number of these beads discharge their air after an effect, diffusing the power over an unimaginably enormous and proficient zone, and lessening the power felt by the player. Brock Beads likewise push cool air nearer to the body and improve airflow.


Ventilation Holes:

These are found in pad lines offered by Schutt like XV flex, O2 Flex, and varsity flex. In these 7 mm holes are drilled for ventilation directly to the shell of the pads. It allows the warm air to move out and cool air to roam through. Thus it keeps you dry, cool, and comfortable during the play.


IntelliArch Shell:

Created by Riddell for use in their pro-level SPX line shoulder pads, the IntelliArch is 11% more slender and lighter than a conventional curve structure, however with expanded folding, is in reality increasingly unbending and harder, to ingest the greatest hits, while keeping the player quick, adaptable, and versatile.


Z-Cool Technology:

Found in Gear Pro-Tec shoulder pads, Z-Cool body cooling technology is 3 overlap. To start with, waterproof beads in the padding effectively flow air and are really improved by perspiring. Besides, these beads separate from one another after an effect, retaining the power and constraining cool air around the body. In conclusion, improved ventilation in the shell permits warm air out and cool air in, taking into account less sweat develop.

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