What Films Can Be Perfect Video Games?

Many films have been turned into video games and many video games turned into films. Some have been successful, while others have not. Often the problem is that the film cannot adequately portray what happened in the game, and other times the game cannot portray the feelings shown in the film. The ones that have succeeded are the director or developer who has overcome these issues like applying a slot demo Pragmatic.


Films that Made Good Games

Star Wars

Not all Star Wars films were a success when they developed as games, but Fallen Order is one of the successes. It is placed in the middle of the film, and the player is Cal Kestis. Most of the time, the player is not a Jedi, but here it is a Jedi Padawan who fears the Great Jedi Purge. The game takes place on numerous planets where there are secrets and a variety of battles.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

This game is in the same category as Fallen Order. It is a good game, and it succeeds where others in the Lord of the Rings franchise games do not. As a prequel to the movies, it can add a bit of itself. The player is in the game as Talion. They are a ranger and have their spirit linked with Celebrimbo, an elf lord. As you would imagine, the game aims to defeat Sauron and the orc army. Ranking soldiers removed from the game are replaced by more powerful ones. The player has a hit list, and those high up on it will affect the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War playthrough.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th can be played by multiple players and has been likened to Dead by Daylight. The aim of the game is for one of the Camp Crystal Lake Counselors to defeat Jason Voorhees. All need to avoid Jason and run down the clock while he aims to kill as many of them as he can.

That in itself may not be enough to make it sound like a great game, but there are the offshoots that save it. The Lake is large and provides plenty for the counselors to get involved in. Each quest where they excel will either:

  • Help to protect them;
  • Make it more challenging for Jason to be successful.


Blair Witch

Considering the fanfare that greeted the film The Blair Witch Project, Blair Witch did not get such a presentation. The player takes the character of Ellis Lynch, who is a former military man and a police officer. Bullet the dog is with them every step of the way and is vital to the way the game will go.

Wandering through the woods in the Black Hills Forest, there will be problems and puzzles to overcome. This is where Bullet becomes so essential. The dog’s sense of smell will help the player attain things they need, and his companionship will keep them psychologically strong. Lose bullets, and they will not survive.

Wolverine X-Men Origins

Here it is possible to kill a lot of people in a lot of ways. Blood is going to play a large part in the game. While this may be graphic, it is tempered somewhat as a lot is made of Wolverine’s healing power. There are three ways to attack:

  • Light attacks
  • Moving onto heavy attacks

Wolverine can come close to the enemy via a lunge, and he can do damage to enemies by using what is around him: a special mention to the ability to impale an adversary on a spike. As the game goes on, Wolverine can get stronger and attack more. This happens when his rage gets worse. Berserker mode can be used, but it does drain his meter, so it is a short-term attack. Points are gained via victories and, in turn, can be used for the purchase of upgrades.

Wii and PlayStation 2 are different versions and may be suitable for younger players as they are less graphic.


GoldenEye 007

The 2010 version is an upgrade from an earlier edition with some re-imaging and also changes to levels. The story is kept the same but bends more towards the Daniel Craig version of Bond.  Other steps forward include using a mobile phone instead of a watch. The cheat menu is still available, and here it is from the beginning. It is of interest to players that they can select the controller they want. Wii Remote or Zapper and Nintendo GameCube are a few of the options.

There are references to previous films as some of the 25 weapons in the video game come from Bond’s previous incarnations. It is possible to play multiplayer with four able to play offline and eight online. Offline play allows four game modes, while when online, this goes up to 9. Single-player characters are included, and these are Julius No, Jaws, and Oddjob.


Emmet is the star of this game, and he is still thought to be the hero who will save everyone from the tyrant. Along with the fellowship, this ordinary man will be with him to defeat the bad guys. They all travel through Cuckoo Land and, on the journey, meet Gandalph, Superman, and Batman. The style is different, and the way the characters move has been changed. There has been an addition to the environment, meaning that the world you play in is better. Lego instructions are collected, and when you have them, you can build some new and amazing creations.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

This is the 3td way that Lemony Snicket has been presented as first there were books, then the film, and finally the video game. The game covers three books, and there are two characters that players take the roles of. They are Sunny Baudelaire and Violet Klaus. The aim is that they can fight villains, find special objects and solve puzzles. The villains they encounter are Count Olaf, The White-Faced Woman, and the Hook Handed Man.

Some of the voices are familiar as the actors who voiced the film have continued into the video game – Jim Carrey and Emily Browning with Tim Curry voicing Lemony Snicket. The player is a Baudelaire brother and can access ammunition that will help them throughout the game. This is aimed mainly at a child as the weapons used include garlic, bees, and bubble-gum.


Different Platforms

There are different versions for many of the games for various consoles, so it may be best to research so that some games may seem more exciting than others. Some may only have small alterations, but there can be a real difference in the gaming experience in some cases.



It is hard to say why some successful films do not go on being successful video games. An example of a complete failure is ET that bombed as a video game. By the time the game is produced, the generation who loved the film is not interested in the subject anymore. It could also be that gamers like to make decisions, whereas the ending is already decided in a film. Despite the failures along the way, there have been some that were a great success.

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