What Goes into the Manufacturing of a Sectional Couch in San Diego?

Around 87% to 92% of the people prefer re-purchasing a sectional couch if they are renovating their living space or relocating. A sectional couch in San Diego comes in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Since San Diego is famous for its world-class zoos, many people prefer buying their sofas with animal prints.

The purpose of a sectional couch is not just limited to make you feel comfortable and cozy; it should also complement your living area. Various patterns and designs are altered to give your sectional couch a perfect look. Let’s check out how the sectional couch is designed.


What Turns a Couch into a Sectional?

A couch is a piece of upholstered (seating) furniture, which is mainly designed for three people. It has a modular design that is usually divided into two or three sectional pieces; hence, it is known as a sectional couch. In San Diego, the household size is about 2.96, and a three-piece sectional couch is the most preferred furniture here.

These pieces can be arranged either in L-shape, U-shape, C-shape or in degrees. Most of these sectional sofas are placed at a 90-degree angle to accommodate in a smaller living area. Also remember, furniture designed in San Diego has to comply with the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).


Sectional Couch Material – Wooden/Metal and Mattress

San Diego enjoys hot, sunny, and dry summers; and cooler, wetter winters. Therefore, the most preferred furniture material in the city is wood.

Wooden furniture keeps you warm throughout the year. Metal furniture is hard and cold, and in most cases, it does not even complement the living spaces.

The mattress used in the sectional couch in San Diego is either made from polyurethane foam, memory foam, or latex foam. The covering or upholstery fabric is designed from cotton, linen, or synthetic microfiber. Only durable and quality covering is preferred to make the sectional couch last long. Sometimes, even faux leather is also used in the upholstery designing if you desire it.


The Sectional Shapes

L-shaped: These are excellent for smaller spaces as they fit snugly in the corner of a room. The average studio size in San Diego county is 493-square-feet. An L-shaped sectional usually has a three-seater sofa, an ottoman, and one adjacent seat. All these pieces form an L-shape putting together. They fall under the category of sofa chaises.

U-shaped: The design of this sectional sofa is mainly for larger living spaces. They are mostly five to six sectional seaters flanked by two-outward facing arms. U-shaped sectionals pair excellently with a coffee table, as their seating surrounds a central space.

C-shaped or Curved: They can accommodate eight to ten people at a time and are usually curved in shape. Although they are not optimal for smaller spaces, they serve the purpose of functional beauty.


Additional Features

Some sectional couches can be reclined and converted into a sofa bed for relaxation purposes. In San Diego, a convertible sectional couch is mostly bought by older adults for occasional family visits.

They offer the best comfort and make you feel relaxed once occupied. A sectional sofa with additional features costs around $1200 to $2000 in San Diego.

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