What Happens to Your Face Shape after 40 and How to Retrieve a Youthful Look

Everyone knows age is a double-edged sword, and that changes come in all forms and shapes, both psychologically and physically. With each decade, you will notice transformations in your mindset and your appearance. Besides the well-known and infamous wrinkles, there are numerous other ways in which your face will change once you turn 40. Below we listed the most common post-40 facial changes and ways to prevent, treat, or minimize them.

1. Age Spots

Age Spots

Age spots are also known as sun or brown spots which may start to appear in your thirties and keep appearing and growing throughout the following decades as well. They are usually the result of the overproduction of melanin and may appear and reappear in many shapes and sizes, from tiny brownish dots to splotchy spots. The good news is that they may be minimized or even completely erased with either natural or procedural treatments. Consider incorporating antioxidants in your daily nutrition, especially vitamins C and E, before turning to other solutions, such as plastic surgery or laser treatments.

2. Thinning eyebrows

Thinning eyebrows

While there may be numerous reasons for disappearing brows, including nutritional deficiencies and simply genes, age doesn’t make them thicker. You might want to think in advance and cut down on aggressive tweezing or waxing if you wish to keep them in your more mature years. Additionally, use natural products which encourage hair growth or see your doctor about the off-label use of Latisse, an FDA-approved topical solution for regrowing lashes.

3. Your facial structure changes

facial structure changes

We are all well prepared for wrinkles, and other skin consequences of our bad habits in youth, but no one ever talks about the imminent changes that will happen to your face structure. While we stop growing at the end of our puberty, some components of our face don’t. Your nose and your upper jaw can significantly change their shape throughout your life, your eye sockets will get larger with age, and the angle of the bones beneath your eyebrows will decrease.

These alterations result in a sunken appearance and an aged look. While getting rid of wrinkles or skillfully hiding them with a consistent skin regime is possible, reshaping the bones in your face will require more than a DIY face mask or cream. You don’t necessarily have to commit to an expensive full-on nose job to achieve a more youthful look – get nose fillers at Cosmetic Surgery Australia and restore your face to its previous shape in no time.

4. Your lips get thinner

lips get thinner

It seems crazy and unbelievable when we compare someone’s photos from their 20s and their 60s, but we never pay attention to what exactly is different. Well, as opposed to your nose, your lips get smaller with age. According to many studies, the red part of the lip rolls backward, making it less visible, and therefore the illusion of thinner lips is created. Just like the restoration of your nose shape, lips can be easily given volume with inexpensive and simple dermal fillers.

5. Bags under your eyes

Bags under your eyes

When we’re younger, we underestimate the consequences of numerous all-nighters, heavy partying, and restless nights. Girls put on concealer in the morning, guys wear sunglasses and all is well. Well, once we approach our midlife years, these solutions will no longer do the trick. As the tissue around your eyes gets weaker, bags under your eyes enlarge, and your eyelids start to droop in a process known as ptosis, altering the whole shape of your face. So, you might want to skip a night or two and take your rest seriously to postpone aging as much as possible.

Age brings the good, the bad, and most importantly, the unavoidable. However, don’t despair – this is all part of the natural process, and the sooner we accept the fact that we’re not getting any younger, the better we’ll be at minimizing the above-mentioned occurrences and preserving our beauty well into the future.

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