What is a Cyber Security Analyst’s Salary?

The digitization of data in the business and technology industry has been a huge step in the history of mankind as it made information storage much more convenient. Along with benefits, this move has also invited threats in the form of cyberattacks and hacking that causes data breaches.

To address this situation and resolve data threats, companies employ security operations analysts/cyber security analysts who are experts in handling such situations. With the threats against confidential data increasing every day, the demand for cyber security analysts has also gone up and is now one of the most lucrative job roles in the world.

Read on to find out how much a cyber security analyst earns annually.

What is the salary of a cyber security analyst?

The salary of a cyber security analyst depends on various factors such as the industry employed in, qualifications, experience, skills, and location. According to Glassdoor, the average annual base pay of a cyber security analyst is $76,848. With more years of experience, one can go on to earn as high as $150,000 and more every year.

What are the responsibilities of a cyber security analyst?

Data is ruling the world and giving insights that inform business decisions in several industries. With this data being exploited by hackers worldwide, the need for cyber security professionals is more than ever. So, the main responsibility of a cyber security analyst is to protect the systems, software, and databases of an organization from cyber-attacks.

As a security analyst, you must identify the vulnerabilities in the systems of an organization and come up with solutions to resolve them. You must monitor all the databases and software regularly for any security breaches and must have a comprehensive plan to tackle the situation immediately.

To be a good security analyst, you must not only be aware of the latest technologies in the market but also of the development of various viruses in different parts of the world. This will allow you to be prepared in case of any emergency breach of security and data.

How to be a cyber security analyst?

With the increasing demand for security analysts, more people are interested in building a career in this industry. To become a cyber security analyst, you must first complete any program that exclusively deals with cyber security. Many universities offer cybersecurity diplomas and undergraduate degree programs due to the rising demand.

A cybersecurity program will teach you all about programming languages, coding, and operating systems which are essential elements of becoming a security analyst. Along with academic knowledge, it is really important that you gain some practical experience in the field before applying for bigger job roles. Attending boot camps or networking with peers is a great way of gaining practical exposure.

Once you acquire the necessary skills and experience, you can apply for entry-level jobs in the industry. Given that there is a shortage of security analysts, your job will come with excellent benefits and heavy paychecks.

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