What Is A Purple Mattress? Is It Purple?

You might think that it is a mattress that comes in purple! Well, you guessed it right, but it’s not purple from the outside; it’s purple on the inside!

What Is A Purple Mattress

What Is A Purple Mattress?

It all started with Tony and Terry Pearce, who created over 30 cushioning-related patents that brands like Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Scholl, and Nike use. They invented the machine called the “Mattress Max” that produces a gridded cushioning mattress layer at affordable prices. The first Purple Mattress was introduced in 2016.

Then, in 2019, they upgraded the Purple Mattress with a soft, stretchy cover and added edge support. Not only that, but Purple Mattress also offers the Purple Hybrid Premier and the Purple Hybrid which comes with a 3- or 4-inch polymer grid layer.

They decided not to make their Purple mattresses like memory foam mattresses but from a “hyper-elastic polymer” in a grid configuration. The Purple mattress consists of recyclable and food-grade materials. Also, it transfers and absorbs pressure from the shoulders and hips. So, you get comfortable and supported; however, you sleep.

What Are the Different Types of Purple Mattresses?

You should know that Purple Mattresses ranks number 11 in 2020 out of 23. So, you can tell it’s an excellent mattress to get for support and comfort. The hyper-elastic polymer provides better pressure point relief and airflow than any memory foam mattress for the best sleeping experience. Also, the newest release of Purple promises superior edge support so as not to feel like falling out of bed when rolling.

The Purple Mattress

There are three types of Purple Mattresses, and the Original is the first one released. You’ll find it at budget price points yet offering fantastic quality and support. The all-foam Original mattress measures 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (medium-firm).

What sets it apart from the Purple Hybrid Premier and the Purple Hybrid Mattresses?

The polyfoam support core in the Original Mattress is what’s unique about it. However, the Purple Hybrid models come with coil support cores. Most of the Purple mattresses are medium-firm to suit most of the sleepers.

Generally, The Purple mattress has a unique technology, which is the Purple Grid that you’ll find in every Purple mattress. The Purple Grid is set on the comfortable layers for sufficient airflow, and a nice responsiveness feeling as you sleep.

The Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid mattress, from its name, uses a hybrid construction of several layers of foam, a pocketed coil core, and the same cover. The difference between the Purple Hybris and Purple Hybrid Premier is in their comfort layers.

The company used viscose, polyester, and lycra for the mattress cover. Therefore, the cover is stretchy to move and bend with the comfort layer of the mattress.

Also, it is breathable for excellent air circulation in and out of the mattress during sleep. The Purple Grid hyper-elastic polymer contours your body during sleep without trapping the heat.

The Purple Hybrid Premier

The Purple Premier has 3 or 4 inches of Purple Grid to support your body’s proper alignment, cradle your body, encourage airflow, and prevent motion transfer. It has a plush feel since it comes with additional fabric-encased coils and polymer material serving as an excellent responsive base.

How Is the Purple Mattress Constructed?

Mattress Height

Overall, it measures 905 inches thick. The Purple mattress is a little shorter than the others. Its support and high-density polyfoam transitional layers take about 7.5 inches of your bed height. The manufacturer focused on a thick comfortable system for a firmer feel and great support.


The top cover of any purple mattress is made from a knit combination of 67% polyester, 29% viscose, and 4% Lycra spandex. The purple cover has a stretchy and soft feel with a slip-guard bottom of 100% polyester. You can easily clean the cover using a mild detergent if any stains occur.

Comfort Layer

The Purple Grid comfort layer is 2 inches thick, and its material is unique to Purple Mattresses. The hyperplastic polymer flattens where you sleep without compressing the rest of the mattress.

It gives you a fantastic floating feeling when you sleep on it, unlike other mattresses that create a pressure-relieving cradle around your body. So, it’s fair to say that the Purple Mattress conforms with the sleeper’s body to a noticeable extent.

You’ll enjoy a gentle and steady airflow to maintain a cool surface thanks to its comfort layer open grid design. The Purple Mattress provides better temperature neutrality than lots of mattresses made of memory foam or polyfoam. Also, its material isolates motion transfer and makes it fairly responsive.

Transitional Layer

Now, the Purple transitional layer comes next with a 1.8 PCF polyfoam of high density that is 3.5-inch thick. It acts as a buffer between the denser support core and the Purple Grid to prevent your body from deeply sinking into the mattress. Also, The transitional layer has a medium-firm feel thanks to its transitional polyfoam, which is denser and thicker than most competing mattresses’ transitional layers.

Support Layers

Finally, the Purple Support Layer has 4 inches of 2.0 PCF high-density polyfoam beneath the transitional layer. It has a denser material to maintain an even surface and stabilize the entire bed for sleepers. Even though the support layer is relatively short, the transitional layer is thick enough to reinforce the mattress.

The Bottom Line

  • Purple Mattress offers high-value mattresses at low price points.
  • The Purple Grid is a comfort layer and a proprietary material to conform to your body while you sleep.
  • The Purple Mattresses are a fantastic choice for couples since it has great motion isolation without producing any noise.

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