What is a We Buy Houses Company

There is a market that you’ve probably heard of out there in the real estate world – the infamous “we buy houses” company. Many people don’t know all of the benefits of a home buying company like this, so there are conflicts and skepticism when it comes to how well these companies operate. You may even hear people say “Stay away!” but they don’t often know what hardships you may be facing that would cause you to need the most out of your home as quickly as possible.

What is a We Buy Houses Company

Common Misconceptions

One of the biggest misconceptions about a home buying agency is that they are there to “flip” your home by buying it and selling it for a much larger amount. While it’s true, they have to make money somehow, they don’t do this. The best agencies buy your home, then refinance it out to someone in the same shape that you sold it in, or to someone who’s looking to purchase it for the land. You name the reason, and they make it happen. These agencies aren’t looking to spend extra by repairing and remodeling your home so they can sell it for twice as much as you sold it for. Their best interest is in you, the seller.

Another common misconception that people think is that these agencies aren’t legit. Sure, you may have a few crooked companies out there, but the one we’ll mention later is definitely not one of them, and they’re not as prominent to crookedness as you think. A good home buying company is there to help you get the most out of your home’s value without having to spend all of the extra time it would take to list it, hire realtors, inspectors, and more. You’re selling your home as-is, and that being said, you don’t have to even lift a finger to make sure your home is valued higher.

Not only that, but many times, when you go through a realtor or a financing agency, they’ll make you sign a contract that gives you a certain amount of time to sell your home, and their policies usually state that if they don’t get it sold, then you don’t get as much. Not only that, but realtors will push their own assessors, inspectors, and even repairmen to fix your home up so they can get more money in their pocket once you increase the value of your home. A “we buy houses” company gets a quality report stating how much your home is worth, and offers to buy it for that price. If you don’t like the offer, then you aren’t obligated to accept it.


At Mason Buys Houses, you can count on a quality team of buyers who have your best interests in mind. They can often get the cash in your hand in as little as a week or two, and this can be put towards whatever you want to use it for. All you have to do is get ahold of them and their super-courteous and professional candidate will guide you through the process from start to finish, but help you avoid all of those extra fees you’d have to go through in the long run. Not only that but by buying your house in cash quickly, your home has less of a chance to depreciate in value over time.

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