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What Is Car Wrapping and Is It Expensive?

Car wrapping is the application of vinyl to the exterior of your vehicle. This process can be applied to the hood of your car, its sides, and the front of your car. It’s a way to personalize and customize your car. When you shrink-wrap your car in a new color or pattern, it’s a nice look. But is it worth the cost?

Colors, Costs, and Options

A car wrap consists of several vinyl decals that are applied to your car. It can even cover every part of the car. And when it’s used to cover every part of your car, it’s kind of like getting a new paint job for your vehicle and a car wrap does not damage existing paint either. It protects the paint. You can choose from a variety of colors, including matt and glossy finishes.

There are even metallic and chrome finishes. And since a car wraps until the use of a software program, you can choose from many, many different graphics. All of the different designs and graphics available give you a call a unique look. You can even have your car look like carbon fiber. Plus, car wraps can be removed easily. Just peel the vinyl off.

The costs to wrap a car vary greatly. It depends on the complexity and the labor involved. Creased panels and curvaceous bodies may require more work. For the most part, wrapping a four-door sedan will cost you more than wrapping a two-door sports coupe. The cost of the right two-car like a Fiat can start at $2,000.To wrap a car like a Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro would likely start at around 3,500. Trucks and SUVs could start at $3,500 also.

Chrome treatments cost more. You can expect to pay around $6,000 for a carbon fiber look vinyl. Some vinyl car wraps can go as high as $10,000. And having to wrap around door jams can take more time and thus cost more. At the same time, you can find car wrapping deals for $500.

Why Car Wraps are Great for Business

Businesses need to capture their audience’s attention and people aren’t reading newspapers or staying at home today. People are in their cars. Over 80% of Americans drive today and car wraps get attention when people are driving on the road. It’s a low-cost drinking pad for television ads, radio advertising, and publication costs. A car wrap for a business vehicle is mobile advertising. There are also no accumulating costs. Businesses can find their customers right on Main Street.

It’s local advertising on steroids, and you can target your audience for your goods or services. When a business invests in car wrapping, they are getting seen all around town. It’s a great way to establish a brand and get noticed. It’s also repetitive.

Car wrapping always delivers a business a great return on its investment. Unlike a TV ad or a radio ad, the ad is always running. You never run out of time. And unlike billboards, people don’t have to look away from the street to see your ad. Advertising becomes part of the environment and community. Your brand can have a visual presence, character, relevance, and value. Car wrapping is positive branding at its best. With car wrapping, businesses get brand recognition.

And it’s accomplished in a very natural way. Car wrapping can be designed to get your message out. It can be customized with words, patterns, and designs. If a business is looking to increase sales, increase brand recognition, or just get the message out, car wrapping is an effective way to do that without breaking the marketing budget.

The Process of Car Wrapping

The process of car wrapping begins with cleaning the car thoroughly from top to bottom. It’s a meticulous process that even may entail removing some of the car’s parts. During the vehicle wrap installation, all of the text and logos must be positioned correctly and aligned properly. Close attention is given to finishing up with a smooth finish and using good adhesion. Large car side panels can even be done without any blurring.

Installation takes place in a controlled environment with the proper heating in the workshop. Tools and special adhesives are used to put the vinyl on. Heat is applied to melt adhesive beads and put them in place. In a nutshell, the vinyl is not just slapped onto the vehicle. After the installation of the vinyl wrap, the parts are put back into the car, and the vehicle is left overnight for the adhesive to finish working. This way, there’s no premature peeling.

If you’re thinking about having a vehicle wrapped, you can find a lot of businesses that can do it locally for you. Just give them a call to get an estimate and take your car in so they can see it, but if your new car is a lemon, you’ll have to call an attorney.

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