What is CBD Vaping & How it Works

CBD vaping is quickly becoming the most potent and popular way to use CBD. What exactly does it mean to vape CBD, however, and what methods are at your disposal when it comes time to give CBD vaping a shot? Whether you’re new to CBD vape brands like Bonata or you’re seeking to broaden your knowledge, get an overview of vaping CBD in this brief guide.

What Is a CBD Vape?

The term “CBD vape” can refer to any device used to vaporize the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) for the purpose of inhalation. In most cases, though, the term refers to a two-piece product consisting of a battery and a cartridge, which contains CBD-rich hemp flower extract.

Aside from batteries and cartridges, there are also plenty of other ways to use CBD — which we’ll cover as we progress with this guide. If an average person talks to you about CBD vapes, though, they’re most likely referring to a small, handheld device that vaporizes CBD concentrate.

What Type of CBD Is Used in Vapes?

A variety of different types of CBD can be used in vape cartridges or disposable vapes. The most common options are full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD distillate, which consists of natural hemp extract that has been distilled until almost zero contaminants remain.

Whether it’s broad-spectrum or full-spectrum, CBD vapes usually contain around 40-80% CBD, which — even at the low end — is much more concentrated than any other common type of CBD product. Combined with the fast activation and potent effects of inhalation, it’s understandable why CBD vapes are quickly becoming considered the most potent hemp product.

Let’s take a look at the two types of CBD commonly used in vapes in more detail:

  • Full-spectrum CBD distillate: Contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes present in hemp flower, including traces of THC
  • Broad-spectrum CBD distillate: Contains all the same cannabinoids and terpenes present in full-spectrum extract, minus the THC

In broad-spectrum vapes, all traces of THC have been removed, resulting in a product that won’t make you fail a drug test and that is usually safe to travel with. Only the best broad-spectrum CBD vape producers, however, can make this tricky type of extract without damaging its delicate components.

What Types of CBD Vapes Are There?

Now that you have a better idea regarding the differences between types of CBD used in vapes, let’s turn to the differences that exist between types of CBD vape products:

Cartridge & Battery

The tried-and-true option, a cartridge-battery combo provides unparalleled customizability and replaceability. Novice or casual users, however, might prefer the simplicity of disposable CBD vapes, which don’t require assembly and often don’t need to be recharged.


Disposable vapes combine the battery and cartridge into one unit, resulting in an ultra-sleek vaping tool that is, unfortunately, not reusable. Even with CBD cartridges, though, refilling is strongly advised against, making disposables only marginally more wasteful.


The connoisseur option, dabbing with a tabletop rig requires both patience and a significant financial investment, but some would say it’s worth it. Confused? Even though you take dabs out of a bong, it’s technically vaping. So, if you take CBD dabs, that’s a form of vaping CBD

How to Vape CBD

What are the best ways to vape CBD? We name the top 4 options below:

1. With a Cartridge

Vaping CBD with a cartridge is easy. Just grab a new cartridge, buy a compatible battery (almost all are), screw the cartridge onto the end, and follow the instructions to activate the battery. Then, either inhale or press a button on the battery to activate the atomizer inside. Upon activation, the vape will emit CBD vapor out of the mouthpiece — inhale, and enjoy.

2. Using a Disposable

Using a disposable is the same as using a cartridge-battery combo except that it’s easier. With most disposables, you simply take them out of the package and inhale them to start vaping CBD. Check the instructions first, though.

3. Dabbing

Dabbing is complicated, so we won’t provide full instructions here. What we will advise is to practice extreme caution and consider investing in an e-nail, which is much safer than the conventional propane torch approach.

4. Vaping Flower

Some purists would say that vaping CBD flower with a device like the Volcano Classic is the only way to go. It’s true that vaping hemp flower tastes amazing, but it’s less potent. If you’re looking for a mellower experience, give dry herb CBD vaping a shot.

Vaping: Inhale CBD Smart

Whatever you might say about the benefits of hemp, it’s always a questionable idea to inhale smoke in your lungs. Vaping CBD gives you an alternative — an alternative that is more potent and more enjoyable than smoking. Give CBD vaping a try today to see for yourself.

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