What Is it Like to Live in Charlotte, NC?

As time goes on more and more people seem to be making the move to more southern states. States such as Texas, Florida, and North Carolina have seen explosions in population over the past few years. One of the fastest growing cities in the United States is Charlotte, NC. Many people who are planning a move to the southeast choose Charlotte as their next home. One of the slogans you will hear around town is “Charlotte’s got a lot.” There is a lot of truth to this statement. 

In this piece, I will do my best to describe some of the reasons why so many people choose to call Charlotte home and also depict what it is like to live in Charlotte, NC.

What is it like to work in Charlotte? 

Charlotte is a banking town and is home to the headquarters and regional headquarters of some of the biggest banks in the country. Finance and Accounting make up a big portion of the job market in Charlotte but you can find jobs in just about any industry. If you work downtown you will enjoy an urban feel. Traffic in and around downtown Charlotte during rush hour can be frustrating but it is part of the downtown lifestyle. Those working outside of downtown will have less traffic to deal with but may still encounter some of the dreaded rush hour slowdowns when commuting to work. 

Are there a lot of restaurants in Charlotte? 

Like most other large cities, Charlotte has a diverse population and a diverse food scene. You will get a little bit of everything when dining in Charlotte. You will enjoy classic restaurants like steakhouses and sports bars but can also enjoy a variety of other foods including Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, and pretty much anything you can think of. While there are some gluten free options in Charlotte, there are not as many as some would like to see. If you are on a strict gluten free diet you may find yourself feeling limited in Charlotte. 

Despite there being few gluten free options when dining in Charlotte, the city is still growing rapidly and more gluten free restaurants are being added every year. As this incredible city continues to grow we will see more and more diverse food options added to the already diverse selection of restaurants in the area.

What is the best area of Charlotte to live? 

When moving to Charlotte you have a variety of different areas to choose from. If you are looking for a downtown feel you can go for a condo in Southend that is within walking distance from restaurants, bars, and shopping. Some of the newer condos in downtown Charlotte offer beautiful floor to ceiling windows and amenities that rival some resorts. You can even find condos that overlook Bank of America Stadium, the home of the Carolina Panthers football team.

Those who still want to live close to downtown but prefer a more quiet neighborhood may opt to live in one of the many neighborhoods in south Charlotte in the Myers Park area. Here you will find beautiful and historic homes across a wide range of price points. 

Several great suburbs in Charlotte make great places to call home. Some of the most popular suburbs include Huntersville, Rock Hill, and Concord. If living near the lake is something you would be interested in, Cornelius, Davidson, and Mooresville are great options as well. The suburbs in Charlotte are loaded with great dining, shopping, and entertainment options so you can enjoy the spoils of living in Charlotte without paying the premium rent in downtown Charlotte. 

Charlotte offers several great places to live but finding the best place to live in Charlotte depends on what you value most. You can enjoy everything from a modern urban lifestyle to a laid back rural lifestyle when you live in Charlotte. The sky is truly the limit. The best thing you can do is visit the area and explore all of the different neighborhoods and suburbs to get a feel for which one matches your desired lifestyle. 

Moving to Charlotte, NC

If you are planning on moving to the Charlotte area shortly it is important to make sure you have all of your arrangements made. As I mentioned earlier, Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. This means that real estate is at a premium and movers in the area can be booked out for weeks in advance.

If you are going to require movers to assist with your move consider contacting Miracle Movers of Charlotte. As some of the best movers in Charlotte, Miracle Movers offers flexible moving services and can help you eliminate the stress of moving to Charlotte.

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