What is Pre-Employment Screening, And How Does it Work?

With the world battling a pandemic, many workplaces have shifted to a remote or hybrid working mode.

But when it comes to hiring, the remote work mode has placed significant challenges. And to hire the best possible candidate in a situation like this, you need to employ effective and smart hiring strategies.

In this regard, opting for pre-employment screening services companies is a foolproof method to ensure that you select the best candidate for a role.

What Are Pre-Employment Screening Services?

Whether you are hiring virtually or in person, being able to interview everyone is not just time-consuming but a costly affair. That is when pre-employment screening services can come to your rescue.

This screening involves several assessments that are designed to help you find the perfect match from a pool of applicants. To find the right match for your job opening, pre-employment screening services companies offer a range of tests that help gauge the candidates’ cognitive abilities, soft skills, and knowledge.

Such screenings can increase your confidence when you are hiring. You no longer have to risk bad hires and spend unnecessary resources on them. Once you opt for pre-employment screening services, you can rest assured that you will have the best candidate for the position.

These screenings are designed in a manner that a proper background check is done on each applicant. So, there’s no chance that you will not end up hiring someone with a history of criminal misdemeanors.

Why Is Pre-Employment Screening Important?

As a company, you would benefit significantly by using a pre-employment screening service. Let us tell you why!

Hiring is one of the most time-consuming and costly affairs and requires a lot of company resources. To be honest, if you want to conduct an in-person interview with every candidate who has applied for a role, you will end up spending a lot of time and money. And that is where pre-employment screening can be of use.

Such screenings will shortlist the most suitable and worthy candidates for the role who you can call for the final interview. This is a very non-biased process and will only select candidates based on their skills and expertise.

Also, if you want to showcase the inclusionary hiring policy of your company, opting for a pre-employment screening is a great idea.

Apart from that, you get to give your potential employees a glimpse of the company’s work culture through these screenings. That way, only interested ones opt for the roles, and there are fewer chances of ‘quiet quitting.’

Pre Employment Screening Services For All Industries

As a company, if you opt for pre-employment screening services, there are multiple benefits that you and your employees can enjoy.

1. For Clients

When you hire the best background screening companies, your productivity and efficiency in hiring will increase manifold. Also, these screenings are mainly skill-oriented, and you will be able to create a well-balanced team that boasts diversity.

The screening process is reliable and scalable. You can use the talent pool for future hires as well. Regarding remote hiring, pre-employment screening has become much-desired and needed. With the help of the best employment background check service, you will be able to screen the applications faster which saves you the trouble of video conferencing with each and every applicant.

Also, you will be able to get the hiring done in record time. You will not lose time on wrong leads, as the screening service will do that on your behalf. So, you will be only interviewing a list of candidates who have the best potential to fill out the role.

2. For Employees

When it comes to employees,pre-employment screening tests offer a range of benefits. The first and foremost thing that it helps the employees to understand is the work culture of the company that they are applying for.

Screening tests are designed according to companies’ needs, and they mirror the work ethics and protocols of the companies. So, as an employee, you get a glimpse of how your work life is going to be in case you are selected for the role that you applied for.

Also, it saves you a lot of time as a candidate. You will not have to go through multiple rounds of interviews and tests only to realize in the end that the job was not a good fit for you. Employee background check services are very well-designed, and right off the bat, you will know if a job role is the perfect fit or not.

How to find the best background screening companies?

The most important thing to look out for when choosing from the top employment background check companies to make hiring easier is ensuring that they are unbiased and safe. Your company might face a lawsuit if there’s a hint of discrimination or discrepancy in the screening process.

Also, you should only hire screening companies that comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Many companies claim to use valid databases, but in reality, they don’t. If you are using data that is not aligned with FCRA to make hiring decisions, you will likely end up with a lawsuit.

Not to mention, do not fall for companies that make lofty claims. If you notice a background checks services company making unrealistic claims just to get business, you should stay miles away from them.


Irrespective of the pre-employment screening service that you choose do not forget your role as an employer. Be responsible and considerate so that the candidates only have good things to say about your company, even if they are not hired.

Hiring is a crucial decision, and make sure that you use only verified and reputed background check services for the purpose. You must decrease your risk as an employer. But at the same time, it is crucial to see that no candidate is discriminated against.

So, choose your pre-employment screening company wisely and build a team your company deserves!

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