What Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain

In 2002, research showed that you could reduce back pain by sleeping on a bed that’s right for you. Overall, there are many health benefits from getting good sleep.

When searching for mattresses, you’ll find many great ones on the market and different brands, however, no mattress is best for everyone. Your sleeping position, age, height, weight, and health conditions play a role in determining what’s best and most comfortable for you.

If it’s your first time buying a mattress, then go to a store and try different types (hybrid & foam) to see which you prefer. After that, narrow down the type and brand of mattresses you like. Also, you can shop for mattresses online, and some brands offer home trials.

First, you’ll know the types of mattresses and how to choose a mattress. Then, we’ll recommend the seven best mattresses to make an informed decision.

How to Choose Your Dream Mattress

Mattresses come in three popular types: foam, adjustable, and innerspring. There’s no one “right” type for everyone. However, in general, stomach sleepers demand a firm mattress, side sleepers prefer a softer one, and back sleepers love somewhere in between. After knowing the types of mattresses and firmness, there are other factors you need to consider. Here’s what to look for in a mattress depending on your needs:

Sleepers With Back Pain

Latex and/or memory foam is best for sleepers suffering from back pain since it molds to your body for support and comfort.

Stomach Sleepers

The one thing a stomach sleeper never wants is enveloping memory foam! It would feel smothering! So, what’s best for you? A firmer bed provides the best support for stomach sleepers. Consider a dense innerspring, or air-filled, firm foam mattress.

Side Sleepers

Generally, side sleepers want a surface that will conform to their shape and support their body weight. You’ll enjoy more pressure relief with innerspring than with some latex or foam mattresses. However, a soft foam mattress or one with built-in pressure relief points around the hips and shoulders works amazingly for side sleepers.

Firm Mattress Lovers

If you get more pressure relief then look for memory foam mattresses with less spring. So, look at the thickness and density of the foam to determine the quality and how deep you’ll sink. Modern mattresses now come in many different layers of foam. You’ll find lighter and cooler layers on the top of the mattress for comfort. However, the bottom of the mattress is made of heavier ones for better support.

Bouncy Bed Lovers

If you’re looking for that familiar bouncy feel with a slight firmness, then you should choose a traditional innerspring mattress. Also, you must consider getting individually pocketed coils if you’re sleeping with a partner since each coil is covered with fabric to reduce the ripple effect.

Renewal Lovers

Looking for a mattress you can change up every time you sleep? Then, it would be best if you got an air-filled mattress. Like Sleep Number, some mattresses come with a remote so you can control how much air is inside. You and your partner can customize the mattress firmness separately if the mattress has two side-by-side chambers. Also, there are foam mattresses that have a soft side, and the other is firm. So, whenever you want to change the firmness of your mattress, flip it over. Other mattress designs allow you to move the springs on the inside.

Plush Top Lovers

Typically, innerspring mattresses have an outer layer of either foam or fiberfill, covered in quilted ticking. But even if you want an uber-plush feel, don’t be swayed by a thick-looking pillowtop as it can compress over time. It’s often best to choose a firmer, well-quilted mattress, and then cover it with a replaceable mattress topper.

Back Sleepers

You’ll need a mattress in the middle — a surface that has some give and support, so your spine stays in a healthy alignment. You’ll find happiness and comfort with any mattress you choose. However, you should go to a store and try the different types to see what feels best to you.

Allergic Sleepers

Both foam and latex mattresses are inherently resistant to dust mites and mold and are antimicrobial. If you choose air topped with fiberfill or innerspring, be sure to cover it with an allergen-resistant cover to keep irritants away and enjoy a restful sleep.

When Sleeping with A Partner

If you’re sleeping with a partner, you should consider an innerspring mattress with pocketed coils, or a dual-chamber air-filled, or latex, memory foam mattress. Medium-firm mattresses have excellent “motion isolation.” But, bear in mind, that these types may be less comfortable on your body if you’re a restless sleeper.

If You’re A Hot Sleeper

Brands can sometimes brag about the cooling properties of their mattresses, especially when we consider all the layers (toppers, protectors, sheets, etc.) that go on top of your mattress.

With that being said, latex or foam can hold in your body heat, especially if they’re soft, and a lot of the body sinks in. Advanced technology helps solve this issue, and allows you to accessorize your bed with sheets and toppers that offer cooling features.

Chemical Haters

There are foams certified by CertiPUR-US and certifications for other materials like GOLS for latex or Oeko-Tex for different materials to feel more confident about your mattress.

No Special Prefernece

If you can’t decide on what works best for you, then choose a hybrid-style mattress that combines the motion isolation of a memory foam mattress with the buoyancy of an innerspring core. A hybrid mattress combines the best of both worlds to satisfy many sleeping styles and partner disputes.

Types Of Mattresses

Haven’t been sleeping well for a while now, and wondering what could be the reason. Well, it’s time to consider the mattress you’re sleeping on because it might be the wrong type of mattress for you. Or maybe your mattress has been there for over five years, and it’s time to say goodbye and buy a new one.

The secret to a restful and comfortable sleep is in the mattress. Which one is right for you? Here’s a list of eight of the typical mattress types to help you know what you need.

1. Innerspring

Innerspring mattresses (also known as the coil) use metal springs internal support. Generally, by knowing how many coils are in the modal, you can measure the quality of support from an innerspring.

Also, you can tell how well the mattress will conform to your body by knowing the distribution and number of coils determined. Innerspring beds have different coil gauges and spring shapes that affect the quality of your back support. Stomach, side, and back sleepers can enjoy their sleep after finding the right type of innerspring mattress.

2. Memory Foam

When looking for exceptional comfort and support, especially for side sleepers, memory foam is a superb choice. Memory foam gradually conforms to your body as you sleep; that’s why it is popular. For side sleepers, it offers the hip and shoulder support you want.

Also, the memory foam makes you feel partially surrounded by the mattress since it contours to your body while being supported. Not only that, but memory foam mattresses also contain many layers of foam to prevent your body from sagging in the middle and avoid the need for lipping the mattress routinely.

3. Latex Mattresses

They are mattresses with latex foam instead of memory foam. Choose latex mattresses that have natural latex materials. You should know that most memory foam mattresses have synthetic materials. Also, latex offers different levels of plushness and firmness to accommodate back, side, or stomach sleepers. Finally, latex is less heating and less dense than memory foam.

4. Gel

The gel is usually added in smart gel mattresses to a foam mattress in the upholstery layer or support system. You may need to test the gel mattress to decide on what you like since it has a slightly different feel than memory foam. Also, gel mattresses dissolve your body heat more efficiently. So, if you don’t like how some foam mattresses absorb your body heat, a smart gel is the answer.

5. Adjustable Bases

If you’re looking for a flexible mattress, then adjustable base mattresses are the ones for you. They are commonly known as one of the most flexible types of mattresses. An adjustable base mattress offers support and relief wherever your body needs it. It allows you to easily adjust the base to raise your feet, elevate your head, or provide extensive back support. Also, they are ideal for targeting sleep-related issues such as back pain, muscle aches, sleep apnea, heartburn, acid reflux, and more.

6. Pillow Tops

For side sleepers who don’t love memory foam or gel, then you may like a pillowtop mattress or a mattress with a pillow topper. Pillow toppers are an additional layer of upholstery placed on the top of the mattress. They are cushiony and soft while allowing a “sinking” feeling like memory foam.

It allows your shoulder and hip to “sink” into your pillow top while keeping the back in comfortable alignment. Also, you can choose between different levels of softness for your pillow top. Generally, you can put them on top of a coil or innerspring mattress.

7. Air Bed

It uses a chamber filled with air as the primary body support. Its air chamber is made of fiber or foam filling. Also, the air chamber is adjustable to adjust the firmness of the mattress with ease. Some brands feature separate customization for each side of the mattress. Overall, air beds are excellent for back sleepers and partners with different firmness needs.

8. Water Bed

Like airbeds, water bed mattresses use water as the main support system, and back sleepers found it to be the best for them. A waterbed has a rectangular chamber of water that is packed with filling material, like fibers or foam. Then, the water flows freely in the chamber or has a “waveless” limited-flow chamber.

In the free-flow chamber, the water moves from one end of the mattress to another without obstruction. In a waveless chamber, the water’s movement is limited by fibers. Your choice depends on the flexibility and support you like. Also, it’s up to you if you find the water movement distracting or not.

Now, you know the types and how to choose a mattress. It’s time to list the 7 best mattresses for back sleepers recommended by experts.

7 Best Mattresses for Back Pain

1. Nectar Memory Foam

This is a medium-firm mattress with barely any movement transfer. It has four layers of CertiPUR-US-certified foam to keep you cool and support you at pressure points. The top layer of Tencel and cotton is cooling and molds to your body. However, the bottom layers provide excellent firm support.

It can work with all types of sleepers and bed platforms. Normally, it may be off-gas for a couple of days after shipment, just like other foam mattresses. We saw mostly positive reviews on Nectar memory foam. However, some reviewers stated that the mattress didn’t expand appropriately after unpacking.

You’ll enjoy a 365-day trial period, free returns, a lifetime guarantee, and free shipping when buying online.

Nectar Memory Foam

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2. Saatva Classic

The independent Consumer Mattress Report ranks the Saatva Classic Mattress as No. 2 for back pain and a unanimous all-around winner.

It’s made in the USA with eco-friendly materials, like organic cotton for its cover and recycled steel for its springs. The foam pillow top is contoured CertiPUR-US to support your shoulders, hips, and back.

You can only find Saatva mattresses online. Luckily, they will give you a 120-night home trial period so you can exchange or return the mattress if you dislike it for a $99 transportation fee. You can also request financing where they’ll take your old one away when they deliver your new mattress.

Generally, Saatva Classic has good reviews, but some sleepers stated that the mattress is heavy, and it’s slightly off-gassing, which is a common concern for foam mattresses.

Saatva Classic Mattress

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3. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

It is ranked the No.3 mattress for back pain according to the Consumer Mattress Report. The DreamCloud Luxury is a hybrid mattress with a cashmere blend plush top, gel memory foam, and separately wrapped innerspring coils. Also, it’s designed to minimize motion distribution.

Some sleepers complain the mattress doesn’t have good edge support. You can set it on a box spring or box frame.

You can only find the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid online. Thankfully, it has a lifetime warranty and comes with a full year trial. DreamCloud provides free delivery, shipping, setup, and returns.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

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4. Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Essentials

Sealy’s Hybrid Essentials mattress combines a barrel-shaped coil base with a CertiPUR-US certified gel memory foam in its top layer. Posturepedic products are known for their center, which is reinforced to support your body’s heaviest parts (your back and core).

The polyester cover absorbs moisture from your body to keep you cool while sleeping. Also, it has low motion transfer, meaning couples and partners can sleep comfortably.

For over 100 years, Sealy has been manufacturing mattresses that are sold online and in stores to try before you buy. You’ll enjoy a 10-year warranty when buying Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Essentials.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Essentials

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5. Amerisleep AS2

Mainly, Amerisleep uses plant-based memory foam which is five times more breathable than other memory foam. The AS2 mattress is created for the support of your shoulders and hips. Also, you won’t have to worry about sinking into it since it bounces back.

The mattress sleeps cool thanks to its unique Celliant cover. Celliant increases your blood flow, and it’s recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a medical device.

You won’t find the AS2 in stores, but they offer a 100-day trial period with a free exchange or return a scheduled pickup. Delivery and shipping are free.

Mainly, it’s designed for back sleepers, and it may not be the best one for stomach or side sleepers.

Amerisleep AS2

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6. King Koil Xtended Life Grayson Firm

King Koil offers an Xtended Life Grayson Firm, which is a hybrid mattress. It features a graphite-infused latex layer and a high-density foam layer for durability pressure relief, and coolness. Also, the steel coils support your body alignment and shape while reducing motion transfer.

Moreover, King Koil has the International Chiropractors Association endorsement. You’ll find them in stores to try before you buy. However, they don’t sell online or offer a trial period. Moreover, you’ll enjoy a 25-year warranty with your mattress.

King Koil Xtended Life Grayson Firm

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7. Puffy Lux

The Puffy Lux has four layers of foam. The top layer provides cooling. The bottom layer is a firm foundation, while the second and third layers are balanced support to minimize pressure points.

As bonus, the Puffy mattress comes with a machine washable cover and is compatible with any type of bed base. It’s designed for all sleepers: stomach back, and side.

puffy lux plush cloud mattress

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Although most reviews are positive, some side sleepers didn’t find the mattress to be comfortable, while others felt that they were sinking into it during sleep. Since the Puffy Lux is rated at a medium firmness, this may not be the best mattress for you if you prefer a firmer one.

While you won’t find Puffy in stores, they offer free shipping and a lifetime warranty with a 101-night trial period.

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