What Is The Best Treatment For Enlarged Prostate?

An enlarged prostate is a medical condition that continues to affect more and more men. As men start to age, their chances of suffering from such conditions increase. Symptoms of an enlarged prostate can usually include a weak or slow urinary stream and difficulty in starting urination.

All of these can adversely affect your daily responsibilities to the point where you can no longer function as an individual.

Men are susceptible to experiencing an enlarged prostate, but there are treatments available for this condition. Out of these treatments, you can surely find the best one for an enlarged prostate:

1- Medicine

The healthcare industry has significantly improved because of technology. A disease no matter how minor or severe can now be treated with medicine – and treating an enlarged prostate is just an example.

Depending on the severity of your enlarged prostate, regularly taking medicines, such as Prostagenix, is the only treatment you’ll need to manage symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

There are usually two types of medicine recommended for people who are suffering from an enlarged prostate. These are:

  • Alpha-Blockers: Alpha-blockers work by relaxing the muscles in your prostate and those in the opening of the bladder. As a result, it’ll be easier and faster for you to urinate. Although alpha-blockers can’t ultimately cure an enlarged prostate, they can alleviate any symptoms associated with the condition.

This is usually the first medicine recommended by your doctor the moment you’re diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. The effects of anti-blocker medicines can be experienced after the first month of using it.

  • 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors (5ARIs): Aside from alpha-blockers, 5ARIs are also recommended for men who are suffering from an enlarged prostate. This medicine works by slowly shrinking the prostate that’s pressing against your urethra. Without this pressure in your urethra, urinating will become painless. The prostate will become smaller if you’ve taken the medicine for a longer period.
  • Combination treatments: If the symptoms of an enlarged prostate are already affecting your daily life, and your prostate is already too large, your doctor can also advise you to consume more than one type of medicine. With this treatment, you will be given separate tablets or a single tablet that combines the properties of two or more medicines.

2- Lifestyle Changes

If your enlarged prostate doesn’t have adverse effects on your life yet, your doctor will advise you to make several lifestyle changes. During this phase, your doctor will assess if the symptoms of an enlarged prostate have minimized, and if not, other treatments will be presented to you.

These are some of the most common lifestyle changes your doctor might request you to make:

  • Drink less liquid in the evening: Water is vital to your body, but you should pay attention as to how you’re going to drink it and when you’re going to drink it. If you want to minimize the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, try to drink less liquid in the afternoon and evening. Doing this will prevent your bladder from filling up, especially when you’re about to sleep.
  • Keep a healthy weight: You’ll have higher chances of developing an enlarged prostate or making its symptoms worse if you’re overweight. This happens because the fats in your body can put too much pressure on your bladder, making it painful for you to urinate.
  • Check your medicines: Certain medicines might improve your overall health, but some can worsen the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. If you’re regularly taking medicines, such as decongestants and antidepressants, ask your doctor if these contribute to any urinary symptoms. If it does, ask for healthier and safer alternatives.
Enlarged Prostate Surgery

3- Surgery

If your symptoms don’t improve after lifestyle changes and medicines, undergoing surgery might be your last resort. Although expensive, surgeries can provide fast and long-lasting relief from an enlarged prostate and its symptoms. After running several tests, your doctor will recommend any of these surgeries to treat an enlarged prostate:

  • Open Simple Prostatectomy: With this surgery, the inner portion of your prostate will be removed. This is done by cutting through your abdomen.
  • Bladder Neck Incision: This surgery is suitable for men who have a prostate that’s small or medium-sized. With this surgery, your doctor will make a few small cuts in the opening of your bladder to make it wider. The wider your bladder is, the easier it will be for you to urinate.

All Is Not Lost

Your life doesn’t end the moment you have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. With the number of treatments available today, you can surely find one that’ll allow you to live your life to the fullest, even after having an enlarged prostate!

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  1. All mentioned treatments for enlarged prostate above works fine. But there can be some side-effects if you use medicines. You can be allergic to medicines or some might not even work. Lifestyle changes can reduce the impact of an enlarged prostate but it won’t treat the enlarged prostate completely. The best option is via surgery only. You can try Pristyn Care for the best treatment for enlarged prostate.

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