What Is the Difference Between Candles and Wax Melts?

Are you having difficulty choosing between wax melts and candles? Don’t worry. You are not alone. However, to put this age-old question to rest, we are here to answer with a detailed comparison between the two and help you choose the right option for yourself.

Wax melts resemble candles in appearance. Instead of utilizing a wick, you heat up wax melts over a heating element (tealight) using a wax melt burner to unleash its aroma. 

So, here are the topmost arguments why you should use wax melts instead of candles.

The Safety Element

You should think about the security of your house when using candles and keep them away from everything combustible. You should keep candles away from dogs, kids, and anything else that might gather soot. You should also keep it away from areas where someone might topple over it.

Even though this is true in some cases with tealight warmers, electric wax melters come in various shapes and sizes. These plug into your outlets and provide you with more freedom. You may utilize electric burners with a better sense of security because they don’t have a bare flame and require cooler temperatures.

Reduced Soot

Candles with scents wouldn’t burn properly. Sooting occurs due to the chemicals and perfumes applied to the wax mixture coming into touch directly with the flames. This will discolor the containers and leave scars on your surroundings and any adjacent items.

Flickering can also be caused by drafts near the flame, which promotes soot formation. To reduce this, candle makers suggest cutting the wick of your candles before each fire. This counsel, on the other hand, is usually ignored and is not well recognized.

Wax melts, on the other hand, maybe utilized without any bare flames. This is because an electric melter is used, which generates no smoke. 

Professionals suggest using a 4-hour odorless tealight in a tealight wax melter for security purposes. This eliminates the need for candle care, such as wick cutting, because each burn time equals a single usage.

Many tealight wax melters are also semi-enclosed to preserve the warmth from the tealight required to melt the melts. This keeps contaminants off your surfaces. Furthermore, it shields the flame from gusts, leading to a smoother burn.

The Cost Factor

Wax melts are designed to burn longer than candles, and these also offer reduced costs. You may be spending more than twice the same burn duration on a candle from a central shop. The wax melters can also be reused indefinitely. 

This lets you change the wax whenever you want without compromising your home’s appearance or even exchanging them with colleagues. Therefore, wax melts cost less and result in cleaner and long-lasting flames.

Longer Burn Times

Do you want longer burn times and better fragrances in your home? Well, if the answer is yes, wax melts are the right option for you. 

These will not only burn longer, but the aroma will also linger around for a longer duration than scented candles. So, if you want a cleaner burn for an extended period, wax melts are the way to go.

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