What Kind of Sex Toy is Right for Me?

Sex toys provide our bodies with forms of sensation that are otherwise impossible to attain from the human touch. Shapes, designs, and characteristics are all crafted with pure functionality in mind. The function is to help you reach the blissful high that comes with only the most soul-shaking of orgasms.

There is no right sex toy for everyone, but there is the right sex toy for you, and that is why they act as such keystone providers of exactly the pleasures that you seek when under the sheets. With so many available options to find one that makes you lust for the sensation it provides, there is certain to exist a luxury sex toy that will check all your unique boxes of sensuality.

Simply Vibration

Penetration is lovely, but sometimes leaving all pleasure specifically for clitoral stimulation through goosebumps instilling vibration can provide your vagina a showcase of exciting feelings that are sure to make you climax.

You will trigger your nerves and sensations that will take you to new planets of erotica with the right vibrator but with so many available choices of a vibrator, which one then is the right vibrator?

Let’s get into a few different kinds of sex toys that use only vibration so that you can add a flavor of spice to both self-love and partner play that you will crave the taste of with sheer desire.

Clitoral Sucking Tounge Vibrators

There is a new wave of pleasure taking a front-and center spotlight in the world of sex toys, and that pleasure is derived from none other than a clitoral sucking tongue vibrator. These toys make science sexy and help to breach orgasm gaps by providing some of the most riveting vibes to your sexual experience.

When the clitoris is often the center of pleasure, it then makes sense to focus on creating a toy that can induce only the most invigorating sensations and these vibrators have been crafted for exactly that. And clearly, something is working, because these sexy little additions to the bedroom quickly became bestsellers, especially during those lonely lockdown nights.

By creating a tight vacuum seal around your clitoris and inducing pulsing, sucking motions that almost feel similar to oral stimulation, as well as incorporating multiple speed variations of vibration that you can filter through, clitoral sucking tongue vibrators is the kind of oral you can control.

If you love vibrators, then you will fall in love with this luxury sex toy, as it takes vibration and enhances it to levels that calm your soul from the core by incorporating sucking movements on your clitoris that lead to nothing but complete sexual satisfaction and relief.

Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators are designed for pure pleasure. Simple, but the sensations that they provide will take you down a wild ride of complex feelings through the multiple-choice vibration speeds that lead to the inevitable climax.

Because sometimes it’s nice to have complete reliability in your toy, a certain gateway to sexual relief that never lets you down.

At the end of a wand vibrator, you will see a large, round ball. This ball is the center of vibration and work on learning how to move it to your special likings, using different angles as pivot points to the center of vibration and varying amounts of pressure.

If you know that vibration gets you off, or if you wish to explore the benefits of vibration in a sexual setting, a wand vibrator is a wonderful place to start.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are small, discreet, and overall simple in design. Great for the woman who wants to add a little extra flair and feeling to masturbation and/or partner interactions, but who doesn’t need to get too fancy or intricate to find this additional pleasure.

Because each of us is a snowflake, unique in our desires, and some are simply intimidated or turned off by larger, more in-depth sex toys. And if that sounds like you, then think to give a bullet vibrator a shot!

Don’t let the size and simplicity of bullet vibrators fool you, for although sometimes only two or three inches long, they can have you soaked in no time with their vibration abilities. Some bullet vibrators have interchangeable little heads for pinpointed pleasure, or you can hold the entire shaft vertically against you.

Because they are small, bullet vibrators can be used alone for clitoral vibration, or in conjunction with a dildo or a partner for dual stimulation so that the penetration and vibration work together to momentarily take you away from this reality.

Purely Penetration

Whereas a touch of vibration can teach you new things about yourself and your sexuality, there is just as much to be said for keeping things, well, ‘classic’ when using a sex toy. While some love and crave what a vibrator can do to their vagina, others prefer stimulation from penetration, sex toys that know exactly how to trigger every feel-good nerve within you up to your G-spot for thrusting that you control.

If you want nothing but penetration, then the array of go-to sex toys available to you is full of incredible, orgasmic choices that can be chosen and used based on your liking and nothing else.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos provide you with the ability to add a little fantasy play around multiple partner sex, or if you love big and bulging veins inside you, then they are the best for intimate masturbation.

Realistic dildos can be used for vaginal and anal play, and because there’s not much fancy to them, this can act as a positive for those that enjoy getting straight into the fun without a lot of effort or wild design in the toy.

With direct pleasures that you can control with the movements of your wrists, there are never any surprises that might catch you off guard or confuse you, so realistic dildos work wonders for the bodies that respond best to internal stimulation of the climax inducing nerves along the vaginal walls.

Glass Dildos

For all the same reasons that make you cum as a realistic dildo, yet with a touch of luxury that can lend for only the most euphoric and entrancing of sexual vibes.

Glass dildos are handmade, heavy, and thick, a testament to the art of sex toys and great for those who appreciate this intimate art.

With differentiating curvatures and ridges between glass dildos, you want to choose one based on what you already know or think you might like. If ridges are your thing, there’s a glass dildo meant for you. If you like silky smooth, well then there are those as well!

A fun aspect of glass dildos is the ability to try out temperature play. By running the dildo under warm or cold water, you can then add an element of using the elements through the interesting and inviting pleasures that come with temperature play.

Vibration and Penetration

When the wonders of penetration are matched perfectly with the varying degrees of vibration provided by only the highest quality of luxury sex toys, then this allows for the discovery of never before known sexual satisfaction.

Whereas some sex toys are meant for only one, there are of course those that are made for both, so if you enjoy the upfront delivery of only the sexiest of vaginal pleasing, a sex toy meant for vibration and penetration might just become your new best friend.

Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit vibrator is a vibrator shaped like a shaft, but they are usually smooth and nicely rounded, not in the exact form of a penis. Attached to the shaft is a little piece shaped like the ears of a rabbit, meant to be placed on the outside of your clitoris for incredible stimulation.

As the dildo portion of this fancy little toy is inserted, this will push the vibrating rabbit ears directly up against your clitoris. Immediately, your mind will drift to warm and inviting places as your body is treated to only the best of feelings that can be uncovered on this Earth, as the clitoral stimulation will double the effects of just how good the dildo feels inside you.

For women who enjoy a little bit of everything or the ability to change things up, a rabbit vibrator will make for the perfect sex toy.

Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrators

There’s good sex, and then there’s sex that makes you wish you could spend an eternity floating through the high that comes after a soul shivering orgasm. And oftentimes, this high is better than ever when it is derived from a toy that pleases the G-spot as equally (and at the same time!) as the clitoris.

The two main sources of pure erotica, the G-spot and clitoris contain a majority of the nerve endings that lead to feelings of pleasure. And a clitoral and G-spot vibrator is meant to treat both to a spa day of their own at the same time.

The shaft of these toys vibrates from the inside out, so when you insert it into your vagina it will immediately begin massaging your vaginal wall and clitoris from the inside out, a momentary mind-altering experience will subtly shake your thighs as you push further towards your G-spot.

And alas, in a moment comparative to a timeless spiral through the universe of positive emotion, the second your G-spot begins to feel the love of this vibration as your clitoris screams for more, the next thing you know your eyes will open again to an existence uncovered only after what could be deemed the ‘best orgasm of your life’.

If you are a woman who enjoys pure and definitive sensation in all of its wonderful forms, and you like to get creative with different forms of vibration and aren’t afraid to experiment with crafty sex toys, then if you don’t already have one you may just want to think to try a clitoral and G-spot vibrator.

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