Here’s What a PR Agency Actually Does

Have you ever asked yourself, what does a PR agency do? If that’s the case, then click here to find out what a PR agency does!

The world of public relations is likely a little different than what you have in mind. Shows and movies make the industry out to be an effort to avoid bad press and spin stories in favor of clients.

This is a sensationalized depiction of what a PR agency does. There’s a lot more to it, and the industry has changed a great deal along with the digital age. We’re going to go into detail about PR agencies in this article, giving you a clearer idea of what these professionals do and why they matter.

Let’s get started:

What Does a PR Agency Do?

Early on, public relations was a field dedicated to getting clients in touch with powerful media sources. Whether that meant the New York Times or a local cultural magazine, the idea was to put creatives in touch with those who could spread the good word.

This process dealt largely in print media, considering that was the most popular medium for people to receive information. If you could present something or someone in the newspaper or a magazine, people were likely to see it.

The trick was to establish relationships with the right people in the media and promote your client’s work. In other words, a PR agency manages the client’s relationship with the public through engagement with those who work in media.

That process is still fundamentally the same today, except the playing field has changed and the usual methods of exposure have changed with it.

Modern Public Relations

Because marketing and public outreach are so much more stratified nowadays, it’s important for public relations specialists to narrow down target markets. In other words, they figure out what type of people will be most receptive to a client’s work.

If the target market is off, the rest of the efforts to promote someone’s content will be misdirected. In the past, people gravitated toward the same media sources. Now, those sources have shattered into millions of niche journals and websites that have dedicated followers.

Once the target market is hammered down, PR agencies find and reach out to corresponding writers, editors, influencers, and other professionals who can reach those markets.

In other words, they find the people who influence within the client’s niche. They then pitch to those professionals in hopes of working with them. This process is incredibly important for the client.

It takes skill to navigate the professional fields that are required to gain success. a PR agency is a perfect way to break into those fields and move through them in a meaningful way.

These are people who advocate for you and make sure that you’ve heard and seen by the companies and media outlets that would otherwise never give you the time of day.

Interested in Finding Out More?

Hopefully, we’ve given you a better look at the kind of work a PR agency does and why they matter to clients. There’s a lot more to learn, though.

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