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What Should Motorcycle Passengers Wear To Ensure Safety?

Riding on a motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom that a car will never provide. Given the wrong conditions, it can be dangerous, so safety measures are important. The gear that you wear can prevent serious injury or even death in a crash. Passengers need to be outfitted in safety gear as much as drivers.

  • Helmet The most important safety gear for both drivers and passengers is motorcycle helmets; they save many lives. Most states require them. A good helmet is worth the investment. Make sure that it’s DOT certified (a DOT certified helmet will have the manufacturer name, model, “FMVSS218” and DOT printed on the helmet).
  • Eyewear If your helmet doesn’t provide eye coverage, shatter-resistant glasses or goggles should be worn for protection against wind and flying debris. Wear eyewear made specifically for motorcycle riding. These will ensure protection while still providing a sufficient view of the motorcycle mirrors and surroundings.
  • Jacket Leather is excellent for motorcycle riding. It should be a thick and durable material, including built-in “armor” for the back, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees — the thicker and more durable the material, the better abrasion protection in a wreck.
  • Gloves Motorcycle gloves provide several benefits, including better grip, protection from flying objects, as well as from sunburn and windburn. Gloves should have palm sliders enabling your hands to slide across the pavement rather than “grabbing” it in a wreck.
  • Pants Motorcycle riding pants can be worn alone or fit over regular pants. Wear ones that provide additional padding in the hips, thighs, and knees. High-quality leather is great. A Kevlar and denim combination is also very durable, but lighter weight than leather.
  • Boots A motorcycle boot that rises above the ankle offers the best protection for motorcycle riding. You also need to find a boot with good tread, an oil-resistant sole, and durability that doesn’t rob you of comfort. The laces should also be able to be tucked away so that there’s no threat of entanglement.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Motorcycle riding is a very different feeling than riding in a car. Resting your hands on the driver’s hips will help you to move with the driver and bike. Keep your weight centered on the bike, and keep your feet on the footpegs, even when stopped. All the Gear, All the time is a mindset for motorcycle riders who want protection as well as fun. Make sure that all of your gear fits correctly; it should be form-fitting and snug without sacrificing mobility.

How Long Does Motorcycle Gear Last?

A helmet should be replaced every three to five years. Most manufacturers enforce a five-year expiration date. Outdoor elements can reduce the integrity of the helmet. The inside will also experience wear and tear (it’s likely to be the first to go). Gloves may only last a year or two. Clothes should last five to seven years. Boots could endure considerably longer.

Whether you’re a new rider or experienced, it’s important to find quality motorcycle gear and parts. A reputable Yamaha motorcycle parts dealer will hook you up with everything you need and more.

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