What Should You Know Regarding a Mice Removal Service?

Mice carry over 35 diseases and transmit them to humans directly. You should be worried at the sight of even a single mouse in your home. They can easily chew through anything, including electrical wiring, and leave droppings everywhere. Having rodents on your property can also lead to musky ammonia or a stale urine-type smell.

Therefore, you must eliminate them as soon as possible. Hiring a professional mice removal service is the best way since they possess the resources, means, strategy, and experience. Do-it-yourself methods are helpful, but only up to a certain extent. But how can you be sure of hiring an efficient mice prevention service and ensuring they give you the desired results? These tips will help you out.

What process do they follow?

It would be beneficial if you began by checking the mice removal process of the company before hiring them, for that will give you an idea about their efficiency. Ideally, they should start with a phone consultation with a professional who understands the problem, its severity, and its extent. They will then probably set a time and date to conduct an on-site inspection to assess the issue and the most practical way of dealing with it. You could ask them any questions and doubts regarding the elimination process.

Can they identify all the entry areas?

Mice usually enter the house through specific locations like electricity meters, gas lines, air conditioning compressor lines, overhangs, bay windows, rooflines, window wells, attics, roofs, and sewers. The removal company should identify the entry points inside your property, including those mentioned above, with any other potential areas. Once they have found the entry points inside and around the property, they must secure them to prevent the reentry of rodents.

How can they get rid of the rodents?

You must ask the professionals what method they will use to remove the rodents from your home. Mousetraps and rat poison might produce results, but they are not the most effective means of getting rid of mice. The best methods of dealing with rodents in your house are a one-way door system, preventive measures, cleaning up, and repair. One-way doors refer to a device that you place at entry points.

When a mouse enters your home through an entry point and returns, the doors shut behind them, denying them further entry into the house. The professionals should also use reinforcement measures like shutting off wall vents and roofs while using drip edges to protect the roofline.

Will they repair and decontaminate your house?

Mice are notorious for carrying several diseases, which can sometimes prove fatal. However, some people are unaware of their destructive role in damaging your home’s interior and exterior structures. For example, they can damage the insulation within the walls and objects that you store in garages, basements, and attics. The rodent removal company must be willing to repair the damage the mice have caused to your house and disinfect and decontaminate your property. You could ask if they know a local home service expert to repair the damage that falls outside their area of expertise.

How much do they charge?

Most professional rodent removal services charge around 800 CAD, but the exact cost might depend on the severity of the issue. The roof’s pitch, labor hours, accessibility, and home size are other factors that determine the total cost.

These are some tips to help you find the best mice removal service to eliminate rodents in your property, repair the damages, seal all entry points, and decontaminate the entire premises to prevent their reentry. If you have mice in your home, you should place the utmost importance on eliminating them.

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