What Technology Can Improve Barbershops and Salons?

Technological innovations help streamline various business processes, from scheduling appointments and accepting payments to managing inventory.

As consumer preferences and expectations change, barbershops and beauty boutiques need to leverage the right business solutions to meet demands and maintain a competitive advantage.

Today’s barbershops and boutiques need a holistic approach to business operations that allows for the integration of new technologies. Take a look at some technology solutions that the cosmetology industry can leverage to run successful operations.

Salon Management System

Salon management systems streamline business operations by eliminating the hassle of taking inventory, reconciling financial transactions, managing payrolls, and keeping customer logs.

There are a variety of different types of management systems designed to meet the specific needs of barbers and hairstylists. Salon management systems are flexible, customizable, and easy to use.

Leveraging the right system helps efficiently manage shop operations by reducing human errors, controlling inventory, and providing a unified view of data.

Businesses across all industries generate large amounts of data daily. The key to leveraging insights from data is to have the right data management system in place.

Data management provides consistent accessibility, delivery, governance, and data security using master data management, data virtualization, data catalog, and data preparation and wrangling.

Many businesses don’t treat big data as a business asset that helps them compete within the marketplace.

Implementing the right combination of data virtualization, MDM, metadata management, and other data management technologies helps businesses meet their objectives. Not all data management vendors are created equal.

When choosing the best solution, it’s important to look for key data management capabilities. These include data quality, data virtualization to break down data silos, data governance, master data management, metadata management, and a data catalog.

Online Appointment Bookings

Online programs and smartphone apps are revolutionizing the appointment-making process. To keep up with client demands convenience and ease of use, it’s a good idea to accept online appointments via the business website, an online portal, or a smartphone app.

Clients can view all available time slots for the specific services they are seeking and can book an appointment that best fits their schedules. Online appointment bookings are more efficient, convenient, and easier to organize than maintaining a physical appointment book.

Virtual Reality Software

Experienced hairstylists have the skills to determine whether a specific hairstyle or hair color will flatter their clients. Gaining this experience often comes with trial and error, but the good news is that technology can help predict the outcome of a hairstyle or color.

Virtual reality software allows clients to experiment with different hairstyles through simulation and modeling before the first cut is made. VR software allows hairstylists to show clients post-styling looks with impeccable accuracy, and best of all, it’s easy to use and requires minimal training.

The first step toward becoming an expert barber is to complete a barber program. Students of Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes (Dale Lemonds) complete extensive coursework covering men’s grooming and styling, straight-razor shaves, line-ups, razor fades, clipper cuts, face and head shaving, color, facials, and facial massage.

The barbering program teaches students how to care for clients and gain valuable professional skills that go beyond basic barbering.

Virtual Consultations

Not all clients know the exact outcome they want for their hair and often pay for a consultation visit to explore options with a hairstylist. While it’s a good idea to offer walk-in consultation services, it’s a better idea to offer virtual consultation using video conferencing technology.

Virtual consultations allow hairstylists to see and assess clients’ hair and make the best recommendations. Offering virtual consultations saves clients the hassle of commuting and helps manage queues or waiting lists more effectively.

Hair Color Blending Machines

New technologies are changing the way hairstylists create their colors and expanding the number of hues and colors that can be created. Hair color blending machines create the perfect hues and chrome while providing total control over mixing and blending.

Not only do color blending machines allow hairstylists of all experience levels to exercise creativity, but they also help control product waste.

Leveraging the right technologies helps barbers and hairstylists provide better customer experiences and run more efficient businesses.

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