What To Consider When Choosing Eyeglasses

Whether it is your first time buying a pair of glasses or you’re tenth, there is no doubt that making the choice can be daunting – especially with the number of choices out there. It may seem overwhelming at first, a pair of glasses might look good sitting on the shelf but not so much when you try it on, a pair might be too bold for you, one might be too heavy, one might look perfect but just not sit right, one might look good but not really feel like your style – there is just so much that can happen.

We have curated a list of things you need to consider before buying the right pair of eyeglasses to help you get an idea of how you should go about selecting your pair. This will help you walk into a store, or enter a website with a vision, and help you not get lost in the hundreds of choices.

Here is a list of factors you should keep in mind while selecting the right pair of eyeglasses for yourself:

The shape of your face

Your face shape plays a big role in the type of frame that will suit you. Certain types of frames look best on certain face shapes and enhance their features. Depending on the shape of your face – round, oval, square, triangle, inverse triangle, heart, diamond, etc.; different types of frames will work best for you. For example, square or rectangular frames on round faces, oval or round glasses on square faces, cat eyes on oval faces, and more. These frames enhance your features and add a balance to the shape of your face.

Skin tone

Other than the shape of your face, your skin tone affects the type of glasses that will look good on you – the color of your glasses, to be more precise. Once you have settled on a few types of frames based on the shape of your face, you can start looking for the right color for your skin tone. Warm skin tones that give a yellow, bronze, or golden cast to the skin, go best with shades of brown, gold, honey, beige, and olive green. Cool skin tones that have pink or blue undertones, on the other hand, work best with silver, black, pink, purple, blue, grey, and white glasses. All you need to keep in mind is to pick colors that are close to your skin tone, and not too contrasting.

Lifestyle and personality

The choice of your eyeglasses depends highly on your lifestyle – how often you are planning to wear them, where you will be wearing them, and what kind of activities you will do wearing them. If these are everyday glasses, you might want to choose a lightweight, simple pair. If they are supposed to be a fashion statement, go crazy and pick the boldest pair you find. If you work in an office, pick a pair that helps you look professional and put together.

If you want a pair to wear on your little weekend getaways and short vacations, pick a colorful pair that brings out your fun loving side. You can choose a style and color that goes with everything, or you can have a little collection that you can choose from depending on your mood and the occasion. Just make sure you consider the above factors and pick the right pair that looks good and feels comfortable.

We hope this list helps you settle on the right type of eyeglasses that represent you, your style, and your personality and fit you comfortably enough for you to not even notice them sitting on your nose. If you now have a vision in mind and are looking for your perfect pair, we have a wide range of frames curated just according to your preferences.

In any online glasses store, you can filter hundreds of choices based on your choice of frame, color, or style and find the right pair of glasses in no time. In no time, you can find fabulous glasses that go with every outfit, every occasion, and every mood, complementing your hair, your features, your outfit, and your makeup – complimenting you!

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