What to Consider While Buying a Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets differ from regular ones in that they ensure a reasonable level of safety. They are designed with the safety features to keep the riders protected against the adverse weather conditions. A rider may have to face different weather conditions and his jacket should be of such material and quality as to withstand all weather conditions.

Usually, motorcycle jackets for men are made of leather or mesh, but a rider has to be pretty sensible and careful while selecting a suitable one. Following are the areas that should be taken into consideration while buying an all-weather motorcycle jacket.

1. Size and Fitness

Normally, it is quite easy to select an outfit from small, medium, large, and extra large sizes, but one has to be particularly cautious when it comes to selecting the right size for an all weather motorcycle jacket. This is because a motorcycle jacket is very much different from a standard piece of clothing.

You will feel utterly uncomfortable while riding your bike if your jacket does not fit you well. It may possibly impede your driving abilities as well. You must check and verify that your selected jacket fits you well when you are riding and not standing up.

2. Safety Measures

A motorcycle jacket should always grant its wearer maximum safety measures, for it would be just a standard jacket otherwise. The areas around your elbows, shoulders, and back should be well protected with a strong and durable material like pads. These areas are usually the main points of impact in case of an accident. These protectors should never restrict your comfort while protecting your upper body.

Here, it must be ensured that the armor material used is globally certified with respect to its quality ratings. As for the best comfort level, you must check the weight, storage space, rain protection, and overheating factors of the jacket you intend to buy. The best measure in this context is to wear the jacket and try sitting on the bike to check the comfort level.

3. Material

Generally speaking, leather is the best source of material for a motorcycle jacket, as it imparts quality, safety, durability, and style to its maximum. Where a standard cloth like cotton shreds instantly, leather with its thickness protects your body against the asphalt. You may also consider a jacket with mesh linings to help circulate air and keep your overall body temperature cool in case you drive long distances in hot weather and need something that will breathe.

Some leather jackets also possess removable liners to make them more breathable in hot weather during summer. Moreover, removable waterproof liners of some mesh material also serve excellently whenever there is a rainy day or an abrupt heavy shower.

4. Style and Additional Features

Let aside the material, whether leather or mesh textile, jackets with a wide range of styles and colors are available. While leather jackets offer a vintage and classic look, mesh jackets present a modern look in bright colours which are quite appealing to young enthusiastic riders. In short, l will suggest you shop for a jacket that not only suits your style but also reflects your individuality as a rider.

Nowadays, a number of fantastic additional features have been added to motorcycle jackets besides the above-mentioned basic qualities. Among these are included shoulder protectors, reflective tape or piping, and padding for collar bones, chest, and hips which may be considered at the time of purchase.

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