What to Do If Your Toilet Leaks from the Bottom?

There are several reasons why a toilet might be leaking. Common causes include a faulty wax ring, which typically allows the tank’s contents to drain into the bowl, pooling water around the base of the unit. 

If this happens, replacing wax ring on toilet with a new one is necessary before you attempt any other DIY plumbing repairs. It is better to leave these repairs to expert plumbers to avoid causing further damage to your unit or yourself. Here’s what they will do.

Clearing the Drain

The first order of business is clearing any existing debris from your toilet. Some old wax rings can get stuck to the bottom of the unit and prevent a good seal from forming during installation. You’ll need a putty knife or a thin, flat-head screwdriver to remove this ring. If it’s not stuck on, it will scrape right off.

Check the Toilet Base

After the plumber has successfully removed any old wax ring material, they will put some plumber’s putty around the base of the new wax ring and carefully lower your tank down over the seal. 

They apply just enough pressure so that you start to see a bit of water escaping from the joint. At this point, they’ll immediately stop to allow it to set. The perfect seal must occur on contact, or your toilet risks leaking again.

Replacing Wax Ring on the Toilet

The plumber will use a wrench to loosen the connecting nuts and the water supply tube. Then, they clear any debris from around the base of the bowl and disconnect it from its flange. Have a rag on hand before lifting your toilet to catch excess water that will drain out as well as protect your floor.

To replace the wax ring, you will need a replacement unit. There are several varieties to choose from, including those that you can reuse and others that cannot. 

After picking a new sealant, the experts will use a putty knife or similar tool to place a layer of it around the flange opening on the bottom of your toilet unit. Next, they will replace the container and your water supply lines before tightening everything back into place.

Inspect Other Issues

If it is not a wax ring that is the problem, you will need to inspect your toilet tank for other issues. It could be leaking from places such as the flapper valve, which regulates flow from the tank into the bowl. This could mean that debris in the water has built up, making it difficult for the valve to open correctly.

Cleaning out this debris is necessary before proceeding with any repairs; otherwise, you risk further damage or potentially causing a flood in your home. 

Your fixture could also be cracked or chipped, which means water will escape whenever pressure is applied. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace your entire toilet or call in a professional.

Wrapping Up

If you need a new toilet, find out what your best options are today. Remember that replacing the wax ring on the toilet may not solve every problem. Also, be sure to protect your floors before attempting this fix on your own. Remember, it’s always better to call in an expert when dealing with toilets rather than trying to handle it yourself.

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