What to Do to Make Your Home a Termite Free Zone?

Termites are the most destructive insects as they build huge colonies underground which makes it extremely difficult to root them out. Before you look for a house in a neighborhood, it is always wise to check whether the property has been infested with termites. Even the exterminators may not be able to get rid of them completely at times, so checking before moving to a new place will save you and your family the hassle of getting rid of termites.

Here are 5 essential tips to keep your house free of termite infestations:

1. Consider Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Treating the area for infestations before you build property on it can radically increase your chances of making it a termite-free zone. Pre-construction termite treatment aims to create a chemical barrier in the ground which will prevent the subterranean termites from coming out above the soil and feeding on your wooden structures. Since the treatment is done before building any structure this procedure is less labor-intensive and requires less termiticide which makes the treatment less expensive as compared to treating a constructed structure. A huge benefit of pre-treatment is that the pest control professional can cover every inch of the ground, creating a protective barrier against termites.

2. Pay Attention to Your Home Exterior, Soil and Landscape

Even though a landscape adds to the aesthetic appeal of the property, it also attracts a lot of termites. It is wise to choose a house over a landscape because the termite infestation can destroy your house if timely action is not taken.

3. Fix Water Leaks

Moisture makes it ideal for termites to thrive. Make sure there are no water leakages which will make your property the perfect place for termites to thrive in. Fix your leaky fixtures or faulty water system and AC condensation lines that may be dripping. Try and ensure that water does not pool around the base of your house or on your roof.

4. Check Garage, Wooden Furniture, and Storage Units

Termites have an insatiable hunger for wooden furniture, crates, and cardboard. They can do unimaginable damage to your valuables. Getting rid of cardboard boxes and anything made of wood in a termite-prone area will save you the trouble of suffering from a huge loss of valuables. Timber and cardboard boxes should be thrown out or stored above ground level away from your property.

5. Reduce Food Sources

A kitchen can be a paradise for termites because of the unlimited amount of food supply as well as several access points to enter from. It is essential to make sure that your doors and windows are closed during the swarming season as it is easy for termites to inhabit your homes. Leaky pipes in the kitchen generate moisture which termites thrive on. Inspect both your internal and external water systems and fix the ones which are dripping. Built-in cupboards in the kitchen or pantry are a great source of food as they are also attached to the walls and close to the floor giving termites easy access.

Termite prevention tips can help reduce them, but these tips can’t guarantee that your home will remain termite-free. You can depend on residential termite control services for a regular termite inspection as they help you ensure that your home is kept safe by offering a range of pest protection and terminating methods.

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