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What to Know About 5D Diamond Painting

Except you are an artist, it is going to be challenging to know what 5D diamond painting is. Diamond painting is a new style of art that is making the rounds in the art community. Many artists are expanding their skill set by learning this form of painting, which is in high demand by consumers and lovers of art pieces.

The art of diamond painting derives its foundation in the historical use of beads and rhinestones to beautify the home using embroidery cloth to make cross-stitches. Today, the art form has been enhanced to involve the placement of shiny tile pieces in a set pattern which forms the prescribed design.

There are two styles of diamond painting. The 3D and 5D, basically use the same technique. The only difference is the rhinestones (diamonds) have different facets. 3D rhinestones are cut with 3 facets while 5D comes with 5 cuts giving it more luster.

Diamond painting is a relaxing activity and has been utilized as a form of art therapy. Just like a puzzle, the artist is obliged to fit the diamonds into the canvas in such a way that it contributes to the overall beauty of the artwork.

Components of a diamond painting kits

To engage in this art form, it is important to purchase diamond painting kits. This kit includes:

  • Design Charts
  • Sparkly rhinestone beads
  • Diamond waxing applicator
  • Wax

These are the primary materials included in a standard kit. However, with more experience, you could purchase kits that are tailored to your techniques and aesthetic principles. Some artists prefer round beads while others prefer square. All beads are wrapped based on their distinctive colors.

Every diamond painting kit comes enclosed with the chart and design layout encased in a plastic film. These charts have a sticky surface on one side that allows your diamonds to stay on the canvas.

When working on your diamond painting as a beginner, it is helpful to take out the chart in small pieces and work on them individually. This prevents parts that are not in use from drying out or getting dirty from dust and stains.

Understanding the DMC color chart is a big advantage to becoming an excellent diamond painter. All diamonds (beads/rhinestones) come in 447 different color standards. The color code on the chart ensures you purchase the right beads for your painting.

How to Start

  • Open the wax covering and dip the applicator into it.
  • Select the chosen diamond bead with the applicator using the tip to pick the bead with ease.
  • Impress the bead on the canvas/chart until it is stuck to the surface.
  • Continue with this process until you are through with the design.
  • When through, encase the chart inside the protective film and roll carefully to preserve the beads.

Now you have the necessary knowledge required to create your unique diamond painting. Ensure to practice regularly to enhance your skills.

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