What to Look for When Choosing Best Grow Tent Fan

Science has proven many health benefits of cannabis. More and more states are approving this plant for medicinal purposes. Many use this legalization to develop their own business – growing marijuana. If you are interested in this, visit this link for more information.

Currently, the market needs cannabis breeds rich in cannabidiol and low in THC. These plants should be grown in natural conditions, but people often resort to specialized breeding tents. This method needs additional equipment, so it is clear that this business requires some initial investment.

Why Indoor Breeding?

One of the reasons cannabis is grown indoors is that there is no mixing of pollen between plants. When fertilized only by individuals of the same species, the weeds will be of top quality. That is why people who are engaged in traditional breeding use these tents as a kind of protection.

Still, the main reason why this method is popular is the modernization of cannabis cultivation. Today, so-called hydroponic farming is the newest breeding trend. Its novelty is using water instead of soil, as a place where the plant will be ‘sown’. The aquatic environment has proven to be a much better ‘cradle’ for cannabis.

Within the hydroponic system, nutrients are more available to plants than in the soil. When plants feed more easily, their growth is intensified. Hence, this method is very efficient and productive. If you provide proper lighting and ventilation conditions, you can expect a good yield.

Why do You need a Grow Tent Fan?

As seen on https://www.canadagrowsindoors.ca/best-grow-tent-fans-reviews, the fan is a piece of equipment that is necessary for growing tents. Plants, like all living things, need air. Blowers should provide a light airflow that will gently swing seedlings. Air movement is necessary because of the easier spreading of pollen, but also because of photosynthesis when plants need oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Also, a cool breeze of fresh air is essential to maintain the optimum temperature in the tent. Plants love sun and heat, but too much heat can be counterproductive. When there is no airflow, the humidity inside the tent is high. It favors the development of mold and bacteria that can damage your cannabis yields. That is why the investment in a quality fan pays off many times over.

Need Grow Tent Fan

Proper Fan Size

The role of the fan is to refresh the air inside the tent. For best results and optimal conditions for cannabis growth, all the air inside the breeding space needs to be replaced once a minute. So you need to know the volume of your tent to know the exact amount of air in it.

Ideally, you will need a blower that can replace that amount of air in a minute. However, things like ducts and filters reduce the unit’s efficiency. So the solution is to choose a more robust fan; go over at least 50%.

Inner or Outer Placement

It is possible to install a fan both inside and outside (depending on the layout of the breeding area). But it seems to be a better option when this unit works as an exhaust filter. In this case, the fan should be inside. Special carbon filters are added to these units. They aim to ‘extract’ all that carbon dioxide and other harmful gases produced by cannabis plants and prevent the smell inside the breeding room.

Steady or Oscillating Fans

In smaller breeding rooms, oscillating fans will do. They have clip mechanisms that make them easy to install. They need to be strong enough to start the air circulation in the space. The disadvantage of these units is that they do not have enough power to refresh the air, but only push the heat around.

For larger tents, inline blowers are a better solution, though. They are bulkier, but also more robust. They are placed on the ceiling of the tent and should be directed so that they do not blow into the plants. The point is to move the air around the seedlings, to refresh and strengthen them.

Even though you have never used these products, you have undoubtedly heard about the benefits of medical marijuana. The cannabis industry is currently one of the fastest-growing in the world and shows no signs of slowing down.

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