What to Look For When Hiring a Cleaning Service

Keeping your house pristine is not an easy feat, especially if you have kids or pets. When looking at the toys strewn everywhere and the stubborn pet hair sticking to your carpets, you may feel like you have bitten more than you can chew when you decide to clean your house yourself. However, long gone are the days when homeowners had to spend hours on exhausting cleaning tasks.

Nowadays, most busy parents and employees hire professionals to keep their houses in tip-top shape. So, if you are a doting mom or a business magnet who cannot spare enough time to clean your home, you do not have to sweat it anymore. Yet, one question remains: How can you make sure that you are hiring the right cleaning service? This is what you will find out when you read the next few points.


If you are concerned about the cleaning service you plan to hire, the best thing you can do to assuage your worries is to ask for referrals. First, you should ask your friends or family members to recommend services based on their experience. If this is not possible, you can look online for reviews. Websites like Yelp can be very helpful when you cannot decide which company to contact. 

That said, you need to be careful about fake reviews since some companies use them as a ploy to attract more clients. To distinguish between fake reviews and real ones, you can look for some tell-tale signs. For instance, fake reviews are usually short and over the top in terms of praise.


Before you contact any company, you should first set a budget to narrow down your options. Of course, you have to be reasonable when setting this budget, as prices differ from one state to another and can also vary according to the size of your house.

Furthermore, based on the helpful information about Housekeeping services by Luxury Cleaning NY experts, you must decide whether you prefer to pay a flat or an hourly fee when considering companies. In this regard, hiring an independent worker may be less costly. However, we do not recommend it since it is generally riskier than dealing with a company.

Background Checks

Because you might need to leave the key to your home with your housekeeper, you need to make sure that they are trustworthy enough before actually hiring them. This is especially the case if you opt for an independent worker. When conducting a background check, make sure to review the housekeeper’s criminal history and experience.

Furthermore, don’t hesitate to contact their previous employers to ask for referrals. On the other hand, if you plan to hire a professional house cleaning company, ensure that the management has a strict screening process that employees have to go through before getting hired.


Accidents happen all the time, but you need to ensure that the service you hire can compensate you for any loss. When considering a house cleaning company, ask if it offers insurance and worker’s compensation. This way, you can rest assured that you will get reimbursed if something happens to your possessions. So, don’t disregard this tip if you value your peace of mind.


hiring a cleaning service reasons

The reason you are hiring a cleaning service in the first place is to save time and effort. Of course, you do not want to leave your home for work only to come back and find out that the housekeepers you have hired need more time to finish the job. To get more bang for your buck, look for a company that hires efficient employees who can get things done in just a few hours.

Excellent Customer Support

This point only applies if you are hiring a company, not an independent worker. Most professional house cleaning services take extra care to provide their clients with superb customer service. For this reason, you must look for companies that have 24/7 customer support chat. This way, you will be able to make reservations and get answers to your inquiries without a hassle.

A Trial Period

You need hands-on experience dealing with the company you have in mind to discover whether it is the right fit for you or not. Luckily, most professional house cleaning services offer their new clients a free appointment to help them decide. It may be harder, though, to find an independent worker who provides this perk. This is why we recommend that you try your luck with companies first before turning to independent housekeepers.

Time is money, so it makes sense that you may not be able to spare any to clean your house. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you can kiss your housekeeping woes goodbye and focus on more important things. To hire the best house cleaning company or independent worker, you can use the previous points as a guide. Most importantly, take your time when picking a service to guarantee that you are making the right decision.

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  1. You made a great point about the efficiency of housekeeping services as an important aspect of the job. One thing I can’t get myself to do very well is clean the house thoroughly, which makes me worried about how I would manage to do that before my relatives arrive to stay over for the holidays. Since professionals are much better at this than I am, I’ll go look for a housekeeping service right away.

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