What to Pack in Your Suit Case: Travelling Guide to Morocco 102

Why not Morocco? Of all the places in Africa, Morocco is the most admirable of all. Reason? It's simply a great combo of culture intervention and religion, traditions and architecture, historical sites and food.


Is it Switzerland’s cold winds? Or to the Mediterranean side of Maldives? Or better yet, somewhere south of the world?

Well, traveling is great as long as there is every commodity available in your traveling bag.

Once a decision is made regarding the travel destination, make sure to pack accordingly.

What people can forget about are the main essentials, what they needed to pack, and then it’s useless to cry over spilled milk.

Why not Morocco? Of all the places in Africa, Morocco is the most admirable of all. Reason? It’s simply a great combo of cultural intervention and religion, traditions and architecture, historical sites, and food.

Yeah, a country has all the glory parts overshadowing the grey areas but overlooking those areas may be a benefit for travelers and holidaymakers alike.

What Morocco Offers?

A country famous for every good category ranges from the artifacts to the Hollywood legacy, you get to see what your mind desires.

Let’s talk about the intangible part of Morocco. Don’t forget about the weather conditions tourists most look forward to.

The sub- Mediterranean climate attracts tourists from European lands like a bee is attracted to honey.

All year round it’s hot and warm during summers but winter can be cold to warm in range depending on which part of the country the current stay is.

And don’t forget to avoid the hottest months of the year, June and July, especially considering it’s the first visit to Morocco holiday, visiting during winters or less warm times of the year can prove to be fruitful.

Deciding What to Pack?

Do I need a hat?

What about sunscreen?

What if I pack some extra cells for my watch?

Oh, wait! What about the earring that I got last week???

Packing is a natural talent that you learn from making mistakes repeatedly (OBVIOUSLY). Traveling for the first time you are so amateur in packing your things.

You can’t possibly decide what to put in and what to skip altogether? And in terms of skipping you might accidentally skip something that you were supposed to pack.

what to pack, Traveling Morocco

So think about Morocco tourism, its atmosphere and the type of traveling you want to do. Keep these three things in your mind and then make a collective effort of how are you going to pack the belongings.

Type of Suitcase to Use

First of all, decide what sort of travel you are in.

Is it going to the beach?

Or more outdoor?

Or even going to the extreme?

Sometimes a medium-sized carrying bag is all you need but a bigger suitcase wouldn’t kill you to bring something extra now, will it?

Try to take one bag, large enough to hold all your clothing and shoes (oh yes!), and then you can get a hang of what to pack or not.

A shoulder hand carry bag can be pretty much useful to carry personal travel accessories and can’t be put with the rest of the luggage so it’s better to separate it beforehand.

types of suit case

Types of Clothes to Look For

It’s definitely shopping time, that you are planning to go on a vacation.

But what exactly to buy? I would suggest not to purchase the entire block off. And that’s for your own good. You can’t fight the impulse to buy something on hand no matter how useless it may seem afterward.

Make a list of items you are in desperate need of before you go traveling.

Morocco is warm and hot year-round so its definitely going to be lighter clothes. I would suggest taking cotton shirts (full sleeves or quarter) probably not half r any straps because you don’t want to get access to body tan. Don’t forget a sarong!

Having loose pants to wear, or jeans are also fine in this regard, whichever you desire. Don’t take bright colors because it will be like adding fuel to the fire. You don’t want to stand out in the crowd.

travling clothes

Deciding on Pair of Shoes

Is gravel picking at the sole of your shoe?

Did your shoe tear down?

Got a zebra crossing print on top of your feet?

Well, when it comes to shoes you need to be as careful as deciding which eyeliner to use.

Another important part is to decide the pair of shoes you need. Sneakers all are comfy and supportive and do get a pair of comfortable sandals as well for your beach experience.

You need something that is waterproof and long-lasting, though it doesn’t need to be all expensive just enough so that they don’t tear and break up if you are walking on rough terrain on foot.

pair of shoe

Try to purchase a thick and hard sole so that it’s easy to walk around. Shoes are dragged much more than you originally plan them too.

Always ask for the durability of shoes when buying them for traveling especially cause someone’s got a lot of walking to do in the coming days and you definitely don’t want to lose your grits now.

Travelling Kit

Well, you need to make sure while you are packing up your shoulder carry bag pack a travel kit as well filling as essential to all minor but important tools you just can’t miss out.

Nail cutter, nail filer, lash curving, antiseptic liquid, Band-Aid, pocket-size hand wash and facewash, q- tip, a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner, body wash and so on you probably can find a long list over the internet or your friends and family can easily guide you.

It’s better if you ask your parents or someone who had already traveled. And don’t forget to keep medicines in your kit too.

traveling kits

You already know the type of medicine you may need whilst traveling, so keep a small medical kit to your aid as well as a part of your traveling kit.

Travel Documents

Are you ready to leave yet?

Aren’t you forgetting something? Yes! The documents, visas, and the passport!

Make sure before you book your plane tickets, you need to have a fresh visa (for a longer time duration), and to travel documents must be certified and make extra copies!

Also, you should have extra copies of passport-sized pictures on hand as well as copies of the ID Card.

You have to be extra cautious about these things because obviously, you don’t want any trouble right at the first stage of your trip, do you?

And not to forget about the vaccinations or medical assistance certificates you may require too according to the country’s requirement.

Traveling documents

And now looking at all major debriefs, I think you guys are good to go on holiday!!!

You may think it’s all gibberish but try not following it, and you may suffer.

So happy holidays!!

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