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What will a Lawyer Do for you when you have been in a Motor Crash

Being in a car accident is the last thing that anybody wants. Not only is it incredibly traumatic but it can affect your life in a myriad of ways. There is damage to your car which may affect how you get to work. You may also no longer feel confident to drive which again impacts your work and your social life if you need your car to get around. This isn’t even discussing if you have been hurt in the accident and require surgery or therapy to help you get better. With all of this going on, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. 

You may find that you are in a situation where you no longer feel confident in your ability to claim your accident, or you need help in the legal field. If this is the case, then it may be time to hire a lawyer. When doing this, it is important to get a qualified car accident lawyer to help you as they will have the correct experience. But what is it that they can do for you? Well, here is a little advice on that. 

What will they do? 

While this will vary depending on your lawyer and how serious your accident was, in general, a car accident lawyer will be able to communicate effectively with the other driver’s insurance and get a hold of the necessary evidence to help you make your claim for the accident and to prove that it was not your fault. 

Additionally, they can help you to organize medical records and bills and communicate with your healthcare providers so that they can find any missing medical records that will help them. It is because of this, that your lawyer will work alongside your doctor to make sure that they present the relevant medical information for your claim to help prove the damages. All the while they should be able to use this information so that they can prove liability. They do all of this just so that you get a satisfactory settlement for your injuries. 

But what is it that happens? 

Communicating with insurance providers 

In any case, relating to a personal injury, your lawyer will need to open up a line of communication with the insurance provider for the other people involved. It is no different from a motor accident. It will be down to your lawyer’s negotiating skills and the willingness of the insurance provider to come up with a reasonable settlement for you. 

Gathering the evidence

A good lawyer makes their bread and butter on gathering evidence to help prove liability in claims. If you have been conscientious, you may have already taken photographs of the scene of the accident, but your lawyer will likely want to go to the scene themselves so that they can get a feel for what happened. A picture can only do so much and if you have rushed taking it, you may not have got the best perspective on the photo. 

On top of this, a good lawyer will make sure that they receive all of the accident and police reports from the case and speak to those who were first on the scene. If you have any witnesses who can corroborate your story, then your lawyer will want to speak to them as well. Your lawyer must be thorough in their investigation because it is extremely difficult to prove liability and thus, they will need every weapon in their arsenal. 

Evidence of damages 

This is where a lawyer proves themselves to be essential when handling an injury case, especially if the damages are significant. They will seek to gather all of the documentation related to your injuries. However, these are not easy records to get a hold of. They will also want a record of any healthcare bills that you have had to pay because of the accident. You may think these are personal and private documents but if you send them to your lawyer, you can speed this process up. It is not at the top of the doctor’s priority list to help you make your claim. 

Negotiating with insurers and defendants

This is one of the best weapons in any lawyer’s basket: negotiation. It is a very specific skill or even an art that can help your lawyer settle your case much easier. A good lawyer will know how much a case is worth and be able to get you the best possible settlement without stretching the negotiations on for months and months. They should be able to work the case in a way that helps you get the best-case scenario. 

The reason they will want to do this is because this is how they get paid. Many lawyers work on a no-win no-fee system and as such they will try their hardest to get you the most money which in turn gets them the most money. When a lawyer handles your case, they will look for a contingency fee agreement. These are often agreed upon with a percentage of your winning sum going to the lawyer. 

Finding the best lawyer

It is not easy to find a good lawyer. You can scour the internet for hours and not come close to finding a good one. The best way to find a trustworthy lawyer is to ask your friends and family if they have one that they trust. Not only will this give you a way in with the lawyer but it will also help you trust them that little bit more. Make sure to ask your new potential lawyer about their experiences with similar cases. This will help you find the right lawyer for you. 

Lawyers and car accidents

It may not be the most pleasant thing to think about but hiring a lawyer after you have been in an accident is the best way to get a settlement. They will ensure that you get the money you deserve, even if it is only so they earn a percentage. 

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