What Would the World Look Like Without Gadgets?

With the advent of the digitized age came an incredible reliance on the use of gadgets and the technological advancements that extend from them. So much of our day to day life thrives simply because of the aforesaid, and without it, our world would be plunged into the labor of the Dark Ages.

A world without gadgets would to some appear to be like a dystopian thriller, an unimaginable world of rigorous tasks. It is no surprise that our entire world revolves around our technological advancements and without them, our world would certainly cease to be as it is today.

We have become so incredibly reliant on gadgets that we must then pose the question: what would a world without gadgets look like?

How Did We Become So Reliant?

One must ask when we became so incredibly reliant on gadgets. Gadgets even a half-century ago were restricted to the fantasy world of Ian Fleming novels; the hard, gritty, underbelly of espionage and government subversion. Yet, only fifty years later, we are so reliant on gadgets it is unreal.

There is no shortage of crowd equipment funding pages set up to hasten the next generation of gadgets, and the technological boom is seeing little signs of stopping. Every man and his dog can now get involved in the wonderful world of technology and the wonderful advances of gadgets; these advancements have seen many people becoming financially independent overnight, all courtesy of the abundance of potential ways to make a fortune by creating and selling unique technological ideas. We started to become reliant on ‘gadgets’ as it were, in the early 20th century with the use of the telephone.

As the decades went on, more and more brilliant additions were made, computers, wireless phones, and then one day came the portable cell phone. By that point in the 1980s, we had gradually become completely reliant on the use of gadgets, and the mundanity of having to carry out a task with our bare hands was no more.

No longer would you mash potatoes with a fork or your hands, you would now be able to use an electric potato masher; cold food no longer needed to be reheated on a stove, a few minutes in the oven, and Bob’s your uncle. When gadgets began to take over for laborious tasks, we instantly became reliant, and as many of the older generation will tell you: incredibly lazy.

Reliant on Gadgets

How Would We Survive Without Gadgets?

If we were to theoretically all wake up tomorrow and discover that our cell phones were no longer working, or that we could no longer use electricity to power our microwaves, we would certainly be shocked terrified, and quite unsure about what to do. Moving forward in a world without gadgets seems almost unthinkable and it is hard to put pen to paper on the subject. If there were no gadgets, we would find ourselves catapulted back to the Stone Age.

The only thing that separates us from medieval, feudal Earth, is simply our advancements in gadgets and technology; but with those stripped, we would cease to be this civilized and advanced society, and rather we would be replaced by warring clans and depravity. Gadgets have made us lazy to a certain extent, and we no longer need to carry out laborious tasks and can rely on small handheld devices to do it for us.

We should never become truly reliant on these gadgets because if God forbid one day there were to be any purging of gadgets, we would be at a loss, which leads to the next point.

Avoid Being Completely Reliant on Gadgets

A world without gadgets would leave many people completely at a loss and unsure of what to do or how to move forward with simple tasks. Many people, you will be surprised to find out, do not even know how to reheat food without a microwave. With such reliance on gadgets then it is no surprise that we are completely driven by technology and without it would be completely lost like sheep without a shepherd. We should try to avoid being so reliant on gadgets so that we can become self-serving.

Gadgets have taken over for manual labor, but we should always try to have a certain amount of reliance on ourselves so that if there is any undoing of technological advancement, we will be perfectly fine to handle it, and will have no problems in moving forward.

Small, ordinary tasks should still be tended to by hand. For example, rather than using gadgets to prepare vegetables and blend food; why not do it yourself? Instead of a blender use a pestle and mortar. You can wean yourself off of gadgets very easily if you try a little at a time. Good luck!

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