What You Can and Cannot Drink when Doing Keto Diet

The Keto diet, commonly known as ketogenic, is a low carbohydrate and low-fat diet that gives individuals the potential to lose weight without affecting the body’s muscles. When the body takes fewer carbs, it goes into a metabolic state referred to as ketosis.

When this happens, the liver turns fats into ketones. In this state, the body depends on ketones as a source of energy and not carbs, causing weight loss. This article looks at some of the drinks you can and cannot take when doing a Keto diet. They include the following:

What to Drink


Drink Water Keto Diet

When doing a Keto diet, you lose minerals and water at a higher rate than usual. This loss causes an increase in ketones, causing the body to excrete more water than usual. Therefore, you need to consume more water to counteract dehydration caused by the restriction of carbohydrates. If you don’t like drinking plain water, you can infuse it with herbs, fruits, or vegetables.

Adding bits of your favorite fruit is the best way to count the carbs as a whole fruit consumed. With the vegetables, you can freeze them into ice cubes before adding them to your water bottle. Mixing herbs vegetables and fruits is another way to make your water safer.

Keto Shakes

These types of shakes are low in carbohydrates and use one’s favorite beverages with low carbs as the main ingredient. The shakes help stay in ketosis. The other benefit of using Keto shakes is that they are useful in maintaining optimal health. Keto shakes contain additives essential for promoting energy burning while giving energy to the body.

Some ingredients, like collagen, help keep healthy skin and flexible muscles. The experts at recommend you to consult a nutritionist for insight about Keto shakes, and the various types. With many companies producing Keto shakes today, many brands are hitting the market every other day. So, with the insight given, you won’t have a problem finding one. Make sure to do extensive research before settling for one brand.


People tend to confuse between shakes and smoothies. However, there is a difference between the two drinks. The distinction doesn’t lie in the thickness as believed by many people, but in the ingredients used. Like shakes, smoothies don’t have milk.

Mostly, they consist of frozen fruits. You can also add supplements that are low in carbs for extra nutritional benefits.

When adding the ingredients, don’t forget to track proteins, carbs, and fats. Excess addition of these components can put you over the carb limit, stalling weight loss. The most recommended smoothie for a Keto diet is a cucumber-spinach smoothie.

What to Avoid


Keto diet and consumption of alcohol are interesting topics. Many people back down from the challenge because of alcohol cravings. People report that giving up alcohol for days is the most challenging thing to do. Alcohol slows the process of losing weight for people. The drink slows down ketosis levels, stalling weight loss.

Scientists report that drinking alcohol during a Keto diet makes the liver extend the production of ketones. When this happens, your body can remain in a ketosis state, which is harmful to your system. After, the liver starts to process the alcohol before other nutrients from the diet, slowing the process of changing fatty acids to ketosis. This concept explains how alcohol stalls weight loss during ketogenic.


Drink Sodas Keto Diet

When on ketogenic, try and resist soda cravings. You can’t afford to drink soda during Keto. Sodas are sugar-packed, thus not recommendable when on a Keto diet. Diet sodas sound like diet drinks but are of low-quality diet drinks. Diet soda increases the risk of catching cardiovascular diseases, as well as increasing blood pressure.

Reliable findings report that diet soda is associated with weight gain. Although the effects are not extreme like those of a regular soda, you should avoid drinking diet soda, whether in moderation or large quantities.

Energy Drinks

The sugar packed in energy drinks lowers the potential benefit of a Keto diet. The idea for ketogenic is to try and take zero-calorie beverages. Energy drinks have carbs; hence they only throw you out of ketosis. Such drinks can cause a hangover, a few hours after consumption. You can use this time for exercise to burn more carbs. Your body converts the sugar in energy drinks to glucose. When this happens, your body prefers glucose, defeating the full fat-burning benefit of a Keto diet.

Drinks are the sneakiest sugar and calorie sources in diets. The sugar increases your likelihood of enhancing fat gain in your body while making it hard for the body to stay in ketosis. A ketogenic diet needs willpower and determination. Make sure you don’t take in Keto-unfriendly drinks to get the most out of the diet, as explained in this article. 

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