What You Can Do and What Not When Flying Drone

With the increasing number of drone sales, it is a matter of time when the drones will become a common thing. At the start, the drones were very expensive and only rich people could afford them. Now, there are hundreds of cheap drones have come to the market. It allows the common folks to easily buy a drone from the market.

As the number of drones increases, so do the chances of a crash and accidents have increased. There are many best nano drones you can buy today from the market easily. You can even buy them easily from online stores such as Amazon and eBay. So, to avoid any accident, it is important to follow the safety tips that will give you knowledge about the things you can do and not.

Safety Tips

Good Weather

It is recommended to fly your drone in optimal weather conditions like on a sunny day. Do not fly your drone in strong winds as it can damage the propellers and can crash. Moreover, do not fly in the rain when the sky is not clear. The propeller motors have to struggle to fly in strong wind conditions and can minimize the life span of your quadcopter.

Always Keep Your Quadcopter in Your Sight

Another important thing is to always keep your drone in your sight. Expensive drones have GPS and obstacle avoidance systems that help them to land safely in the home position. While the cheap ones do not have that feature and can crash. That is why, if you are using a cheap drone then you have to keep it in your sight for safety. No matter, whether your drone is cheap or expensive, its propellers are very sharp and can injure other people.

Fly Away from The Airport Area

You need to stay away from the airport area as it can cause problems for the planes landing and taking off. Many drones include a feature that notifies you when you are in a prohibited area. Well, there is currently no solution for saving your quadcopter from bird collision. Recently a pilot in Paris had to move from autopilot to manual to save the planet from a collision with a drone.

Avoid Interference

All of the drones are operated using a remote or an app on your smartphone. This remote or drone sends signals to the drone. That is why there is a chance of interference and you should avoid it. There are many cases in which the drone starts getting a signal from another remote control and crashes to the ground.

Things You Should Avoid

Flying Over Public Place

Flying in a public place can be very risky because when a drone crashes it can injure people. There are some laws too in the USA where the injured can file a case for compensation. Suppose, your drone crashed and hit someone, then he/she started to search for the owner and can attack you in anger. So, keep in mind that not all people are a fan of drones.

Never Fly Over Someone’s House

Flying a drone over someone’s home is trespassing and the owner can shoot your drone. The drones with the camera are riskier as the owner will think that you are spying. In worst cases, the drone can crash and injure a pet or a child. You will be liable for the civil or criminal penalties as you are the owner.

Fly under 400 Feet and not over Roads

Moreover, flying your drone over 400 feet is also not allowed as there are chances of hitting a hang glider or an airplane. Also, you need to keep away your drone from the roads. In the case of a crash on a busy road can cause major accidents.

Flying Over Military Base

Flying a drone above a military base is strictly prohibited. Recently the US Department of Defense has authorized the personnel to shoot any drone flying over the base. Moreover, it is also prohibited to fly a drone over government buildings.

Keep these things in your mind to avoid any kind of problem for you and others.

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