What You Need To Consider When Upgrading Your Pool

Pools are a great feature in any property. They offer cool scenery for spending moments with family and friends, particularly during the summer season. But with time they get outdated due to normal wear and tear.

You may also like to upgrade your pool to make it safer and more modernized. The upgrading process can give your pools a new look and align them with your overall backyard.

When it comes to upgrading a pool, you have unlimited options. For instance, you can decide to transform it into a party pool, add lighting to enhance its fun, or PebbleTec® pool resurfacing. All this will give your old looking pool a new life.

However, pool remodeling is not a simple process and requires some planning. You need to consider several aspects when upgrading the pool. Here are important things to prioritize:    

Your renovation budget

A pool renovation is a great investment. It will alter every aspect of your home including its value. When performing an upgrade to the pool, budget is an important consideration. The amount you are planning to spend will guide the type of remodeling you will consider. Also, it will determine the materials and features you can add to your pool.

Setting a budget and sticking to it is essential in this process. Before starting your project, create a budget estimate that considers the materials, labor, and other aspects. This way, you will avoid overspending money on unnecessary aspects or leaving the project incomplete when the cash is over.

Consider the size and shape of your pool

Different pools have varying designs, sizes, and shapes. These aspects affect the renovation costs and limit what you can do. Big pools will require a huge budget to upgrade. Also, they offer wide space for adding new elements to harness the value and attractiveness of the pool.

Such pools will have spaces for adding a fire pit and lounge. You can also develop other facilities to enhance its functionality. While these aspects are important, they will require a huge budget.

On the other hand, you will need a small budget to upgrade your sized pool. However, you will have many limitations on what you can add to it. Before making the renovation decisions, pay attention to the size and shape of your pool.      

Understand the purpose of the upgrade

Answering the question of why is important in the pool upgrading project. You need to have a clear purpose for the upgrade. Know exactly what you are seeking to achieve with the project. Is it enhancing the pool’s functionality, or adding extra features, or do you want to update its look?

You need to state clearly the purpose of performing the upgrade. This will help you make the right decisions. For instance, you will know whether to consider PebbleTec® pool resurfacing or go for quartz.

The step will guide you on whether to add some underwater LED lights and colors to consider or it won’t align with your property design. As such, have a clear purpose before undertaking a pool renovation project.  

Work with a professional pool renovation contractor

Maybe you are considering the DIY option. You have a limited budget and little knowledge of pool remodeling. Taking the project yourself will save you money but will it offer professional results? Also, do you even know what is a PebbleTec® Pool Renovation? Without understanding these concepts, working with a professional is the only ideal option.

A pool renovation expert has experience in various remodeling options. They will advise you on the best material and upgrading to consider for your pool. They also have an enhanced understanding of the local codes. This way, they will always get your work done correctly without messing with the local authority requirements.    

Maintenance requirements

When thinking of a pool upgrade, you should be open-minded. The upgrade does not end with installing new features or lighting. You also need to assess the maintenance requirements. An upgrade option may be cheap to install but will require regular maintenance.

Another option can be expensive but with minimal maintenance requirements. So, it is essential to consider the maintenance budget when planning a pool renovation. Otherwise, you will end up with regrets when the upgrade turns out to be expensive and hard to maintain in the future.

Energy Efficiency and sustainability

Sustainability is another consideration to keep in mind when planning a pool renovation. You need to be mindful of climate change and how you can contribute to reversing its effects. One way to do it is by enhancing energy efficiency in your pools.

When performing upgrades, consider sustainable energy options such as solar-powered pool pumps, LED lighting, and heaters. This way, you will make your pool environmentally friendly and save on energy expenses.

In a word, pool renovations and upgrades are important in modernizing your swimming pool. But when performing these projects you need to consider several aspects to ensure you accomplish the desired goal.

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