What You Need To Know About Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Between ages 17 and 21, most of us develop a third set of molars, which are called wisdom teeth. However, they don’t seem to live up to their name as they often get impacted and cause damage to other teeth.

It is common for adults to have it. But, not everyone knows much about it. Hence, many myths surround them. To understand these teeth better and to know how to deal with them, here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about impacted wisdom teeth.

Why Do They Become Impacted?

A normal adult mouth has 28 teeth (excluding the wisdom teeth) and they usually develop normally. So, why do wisdom teeth get impacted?

When your teeth are already crowded, there will be no space left for your wisdom teeth to grow – just like in an elevator, one can’t get in or go up if it’s already full. Because there’s no room for the teeth, they will just stay beneath the gums. Hence, they often don’t get a chance to fully grow into the mouth.

Sometimes, they just grow in the wrong direction. As a result, they bump into the nearby teeth that hinder their growth.

What Will Happen If They Stay Impacted?

What happens to your impacted wisdom teeth if they’re not extracted varies from case to case. This is because there are different types of impacted teeth. And each of them requires different attention and treatment.

But in most cases, they can become very painful if not extracted says a dentist near me staten island. They are also prone to infection and abscess, according to seasoned dentists from It could also lead to decay and can negatively impact its healthy neighboring teeth.

Additionally, it could also affect the jaw. If your wisdom teeth aren’t properly monitored, they can grow parallel to the jawline, which could impact how your jaw opens and closes.

When Do They Need To Be Extracted?

Impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed. But when will you know it’s time?

Some impacted wisdom teeth can cause cysts, tumors, and pain. When this happens, needless to say, they need to be removed. However, some dentists suggest removing them even before they fully emerge. This is because they believe it’s easier to remove them before the roots and bones are fully formed. Additionally, the recovery is usually faster.

Can You Prevent It?

Impacted wisdom teeth sure are a nuisance. Apart from the pain they can cause, they can also affect your normal healthy teeth. But, unfortunately, there’s no way to keep them from occurring.

But, the good news is you can monitor them and prevent them from wreaking havoc on your healthy teeth with regular dental appointments. This way, you’ll know if you have impacted wisdom teeth even before any symptoms develop.

Prevent Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Not many know how to deal with their impacted wisdom teeth. Thus, most people just let them sit in their gums not knowing that they are already causing damage to the gums, nearby teeth, and even the jaw. So, make sure to visit your dentist frequently.

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