What You Should Expect from Small Business SEO Services

If you’ve hired an agency to create an SEO strategy for your company, find out what small business SEO services should include.

Search Engine Optimization is the bedrock of the internet. Even senior politicians like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson use it to their advantage. Recently he is alleged to have dropped SEO keywords into interviews that he knew would get reported as positive stories that would push the negative stories down Google’s searches.

You can be the best writer in the world and put together the most compelling content but without any understanding of what search engines are looking for it could go unnoticed.

Small Business SEO

Yet it is a world that can be overwhelming. So in order to make sure it gets done properly it is worth investing in small business SEO services. This can change your fortunes and increase your revenue.

Here is what you need to know.

Technical vs On-Page SEO

There are two sides to professional SEO services that companies such as this SEO firm should be on top of.

Technical SEO involves the back-end that requires a knowledge of coding. This is about making sure the website is fulfilling the basic functions users should come to expect from a site. This includes accessibility issues so that the site can get navigated by the visually and audibly impaired.

It also includes making sure that the website displays properly on tablets and phones and checking that there are no broken internal or external links. If the site takes too long to load because there are too many big pictures or videos then this too must get fixed.

All of these problems could hurt SEO. 

On-Page SEO doesn’t necessarily require any knowledge of code and is all about what is written on the page, including keywords.

Keyword Research

Sites optimized for the web have keywords included in them. These keywords are words searched for on Google or other search engines. To determine which word is going to work best and generate the most amount of hits requires research using keyword research site.

A good SEO service will have multiple ways of researching keywords and will have their own tried and tested methods.

Keeping Up With SEO

The most important thing to remember about SEO is it is not something that is done and then forgotten about. SEO is something that needs continuous work, as affordable SEO services for small businesses will attest.

Keywords might go out of date and Google might change the way it ranks pages. An SEO service will not only optimize your new posts it will keep an eye on your previous posts as well to make sure that they are always listed at the top of Google and get the most amount of hits.

Small Business SEO Services: Make Sure They Know Their Stuff

It’s easy to question the cost of small business SEO services and whether it is something you can do yourself but ensuring your business page stays number one on google requires constant vigilance.

It also requires not just on-page SEO – ensuring the keywords work well and that the content is written for the right reading age and does not make obvious mistakes – but technical SEO as well.

Technical SEO marketing services – making sure the website displays correctly and is accessible – are invaluable and are worth investing in.

If you want to read more about technology and business be sure to check out the rest of the articles on our site.

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