What You Should Know About Lip Fillers?

It may sound like a lie to you, but it is indeed possible to achieve the perfect looks of your dreams without the need to go under a surgeon’s knife. Thanks to the modern beauty industry, there are plenty of partially or non-invasive treatments that correct various aesthetic problems in people – from facial wrinkles and folds elimination to lip enhancement.

And today, we would like to stop on the second point. Lip augmentation with the help of fillers – what is it, and how does it work? Is it as effective as people claim? What information should patients know before trying this kind of appearance boost? All important details are gathered in this article!

Lip filler working principle

Lip fillers are becoming more and more popular among both medical professionals and patients nowadays. It is pretty easy to buy lip fillers online for clinics because the number of different suppliers on the Internet is impressive, which is very comfortable for those working in the field. Not only that, but a procedure is fast and usually causes minimal complications, so many are willing to try it as a nice experiment.

Most lip fillers include hyaluronic acid in their composition because of their fabulous volumizing characteristics. With the help of a thin needle and a syringe filled with the solution, the product is administered into the treated area. The effect appears pretty fast, two-three days are usually enough; these few days are needed for injection site reactions to fade properly, so a person should be patient and wait calmly till it happens.

Not only can injectable gel make the lips fuller and correct their shape, but it also stimulates the natural production of HA and collagen in the body, so the appearance stays improved for some time even after filler wears off. Overall, the result may last from six months to a year depending on the type of used product, the health peculiarities of a client, and the type of chosen procedure. Some specialists recommend supporting appointments every 6 months in order to make the effect stay longer.

Lip dermal fillers side effects and adverse reactions

As with every aesthetic treatment out there, there are a few possible side effects that fade away after some time, but patients should still be aware of those to provide themselves with proper aftercare. So, the first and the most common symptom is injection site reaction – bruising, swelling, itching, redness, and so on. These are not dangerous and are usually gone on their own in a few days after the appointment.

Some people experience slightly increased body temperature and headaches as well. Be careful with your lips because those are extremely sensitive after the treatment. Contact your aesthetic specialist if you’ve noticed bump formations under the skin or if filler started to migrate. This problem should be solved as soon as possible in order to avoid severe complications, which, even though they happen very rarely, but are still possible.

Hyaluronic acid fillers aftercare

There are a few easy-to-follow tips that every person who practices filler injection should be aware of. First of all, alcohol and some types of pain killers can make a recovery period longer than usual. Stop taking those a few days before the appointment and two-three days after. All because of blood-thinning characteristics that make bruising and swelling much worse. Consult with a medical professional about painkillers that are not contraindicated to those who are going to try lips enhancement.

It is also better not to sleep with your face down and stop strenuous exercises for a few days to eliminate the risk of filler migration.

And of course, do not forget about drinking water and cutting out on junk food. We are what we eat, and greasy food may make a healing process longer and more painful. And do not forget – you are not alone, so if any problems appeared after the injection, contact your doctor immediately. Your health is the most important, there’s no doubt about it.

Final word

Lip fillers help people to improve their appearance worldwide. As more and more customers appear on the market, it is vital to discuss details before the appointments in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Do not forget to have a consultation with a doctor before deciding to inject fillers because this procedure may not be for you. Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

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