What’s Happening at 11 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! You have made it this far and it seems that everything is working out well hence you know that soon you will be holding your little bundle of joy. This is a week that has moved you closer to the second trimester which many claims to be less of a hustle. You are however still going through changes and experiencing the different symptoms that are common during this week.

Some of the pregnancy symptoms that you still have during this week include fatigue, morning sickness, bloating, faster-growing hair and nails, migraines, and headaches among others. However, being through the previous weeks, you might already know the simple ways through which you can relieve most of these symptoms without necessarily taking any medications. In case you are yet to see any pregnancy symptoms during this week, then you are most probably among the lucky few who experience them much later.

Your baby at 11 weeks pregnant is making great strides as far as growth and development are concerned and you will be happy to know that most of the body organs are intact and actually functioning and most other body parts have also undergone tremendous development. Your baby is actually making tiny movements. The toes and fingers are now separated and the baby can fold them into fists! Even with the changes, it is still a bit early for you to be showing clearly for pregnancy but this is a situation that will change in the coming few weeks.

in case you are already showing by this week, then it is highly likely that you are having twins or that you have had children before and hence the abdominal muscles are more relaxed. Early showing or late showing does not always imply that something is wrong and as long as you do not have any dangerous symptoms or signs, you can be sure that your baby is fine and developing well.

Your clothes will start feeling a bit tight around the waist during this week and hence if you have not been shopping for maternity wear, then this should be the right time to start since soon your belly will be bulging making it impossible for you to fit into your old clothes. You should also consider starting prenatal visits if at all you haven’t started and probably even have an ultrasound conducted to verify the health of your baby inside there.

At 11 weeks pregnant, it is possible for some of the pregnancy symptoms to improve while others might seem to be getting worse or you have noticed new ones. If anything seems to be getting in your nerves worrying you about the health of the baby or your health, it is advisable that you consult with your doctor so the relevant tests can be run and eventually give you the peace of mind that you deserve during this pregnancy period. It is always good to know what is normal and what is not so that immediate intervention can be got.

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