What’s the Best Grill for Slow Cooking in Your Outdoor Kitchen?

With outdoor kitchens becoming increasingly common features in backyards across the nation, an ever-growing number of appliances, fixtures, and other components for these spaces are appearing on the market. Each one is designed to add simplicity, convenience, and versatility to outdoor cooking areas. Of course, cooking apparatuses are among the most highly sought-after options for outdoor kitchens, and people are in a constant search to add new food preparation methods to their repertoires.

Bringing Slow Cooking into the Mix

You’ll find everything from basic gas and charcoal grills to elaborate smokers and wood-fired pizza ovens for your outdoor kitchen. All of those cookers have their place in the world of barbecue, but slow-cooked meats are becoming incredibly popular among backyard chefs and their guests.

No doubt you could add a crock pot to your exterior kitchen. They allow you to cook foods slowly while modifying recipes any way you like. They offer the added benefit of not having to babysit your food while it’s cooking, too. Still, the results aren’t quite as satisfying as actually grilled goodies. Because of that, comparing kamado cookers and choosing the best one may be the more suitable option.

What is a Kamado Cooker?

Variations of kamado cookers have been around for centuries. They’re believed to have originated in ancient Asia. Early versions were charcoal-powered clay pots or domes. Today’s models are typically made of ceramic or some other insulative material. They’re glazed with porcelain for added durability. Like basic grills, these cookers use charcoal. Experts recommend using lump charcoal rather than briquettes.

Kamado cookers offer a level of flexibility you won’t find with other types of grills and cooking appliances. They can be used for grilling, searing, smoking, baking, roasting, and other cooking methods. With practice, you can use them to make anything from appetizers to desserts. Their unrivaled versatility comes from their level of temperature control and all the attachments and accessories available for them.

Looking at Different Types of Kamado Cookers

Those who have little to no experience with kamado cookers may be a bit lost at this point. A few brands are available, and they’re fairly similar, so understanding their differences can help with the decision-making process. 

The Big Green Egg

One of the most popular kamado cookers on the market is the Big Green Egg. It’s available in several sizes, and it stands out because of its signature green color. These cookers fall on the more expensive end of the spectrum, and assembly is required. This brand offers a long list of accessories and add-ons, including a wok, special spatulas, pizza stones, extension racks, and barbecue sauces, to name a few. Users point out that the bands around Big Green Eggs’ lids can rust, though, and their lids have been known to slam shut on occasion.

The Coyote Asado

Another well-known option is the Coyote Asado. It’s similar to the Big Green Egg and offers an equally impressive range of accessories. It’s available in black and comes fully assembled. At the same time, it has rust-proof rings around the lid, and its lid is equipped with a mechanism that prevents it from falling. While the Coyote Asado is a bit less pricey than the Big Green Egg, the costs of its accessories are roughly the same as those of its closest competitor.

Choosing the Right Kamado Cooker

Those are a couple of the most highly touted kamado cookers on the market, but a few other brands are available as well. While the Asado isn’t quite as expensive as the Big Green Egg, many people swear by the widely recognizable green version of the Kamado cooker. Both offer a virtually endless range of cooking options and leave food so flavorful and juicy that it’s sure to impress your family and guests. Keep in mind that using this type of cooker may require a little practice and trial and error. 

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